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The Captn's Wench: PE Device

You can also use a small nylon dog, or cat leash. I made mine from one of those key hangers people use to hang their keys, or building access cards around their neck.…/product1-s.jpg

My bank gave me one as a free gift. I’ve made good use of it so far, lol. One will make several Wench hangers.

I have the wrench complete, anyone have a setup for hanging weights from it?

Originally Posted by misterthickness

I have the wrench complete, anyone have a setup for hanging weights from it?

Check this post, it contains a pic for me while using the wench.

- Hanging

What is the most weight you all have been able to hang from the Captn’s Wench? I currently am at 15lbs but am thinking of moving it up. I have heard that the device has a hard time holding heavy weight but that weight has not been disclosed to my recalling.

Capn Hook claimed to hang 18 pounds comfortably. I haven’t heard any other claims.

Ok. My aim is to try and start hanging 20 lbs within the next 2 weeks or so. I will let it be known if this is a comfortable hang or not.

I hope your using heat toofpick. I can’t imagine you needing to up the poundages that much. If you can’t manage a 20 minute set comfortably, then moving up in weight is redundant. I also make sure to do different angles with a set weight if my btc hanging feels exhausted. That means when I start getting cocky thinking I can hang more, I make sure I can handle hanging from all angles with the same weight. Sometimes when I hang straight out and straight up for a couple of days, then go back to btc I can once again hit fatigue, and feel a stretch.

Your one tough dude, I started at 7 pounds, and am still hanging 9 pounds, eight months after starting hanging. Fifteen pounds must pull hella hard!

Yes sir. I definetly use heat everytime. I have felt the difference without it (not hanging though). I’ve been PE’ing for 2 years now. I think that’s the only leeway I have in all of this. I am thinking of dropping the weight a little to see if that possibly is contributing to me not being able to perform BTC comfortably with 15lbs. If I do, Im gonna drop it to 5lbs and see how that feels and move up as necessary. What you said makes sense, though.

hopeful2hanglow. Let me give you some feedback sir.

I did what you said as far as making sure the wrapping was tight. And, boy, do I have to say that it made a world of difference. The 15lbs that I have been hanging did not produce as much “skin burn.” Enough so that it was tolerable for (3) 20 minutes sessions. The burn pretty much went away after about 2 minutes or so and the rest of the time was cake.

Preciate the suggestion.

Glad to hear it toofpick. I found on the days I was feeling less motivated it hurt more to hang. One day I realized it was because I was in such a hurry to get hanging, I didn’t take the time to wrap it nice and snug. Like you say, it still hurts for a bit, but subsides after a few minutes if the wrap is good.

Keep on hanging man.

Thanks a lot for posting this. I just went and bought all the pieces needed to make my own.

Update, I made mine and I’m hanging VERY comfortably with it. This is far nicer than my swim cap hanger.

This is question is for any of you who are using the Wench and is uncircumcised. How is the Wench working for you guys?

I’m currently using a wench and am uncut. Having no significant problems so far, except that it took me some time to smoothen the edges of the wench so that it would not irritate the skin too much. Though I would think that is a problem whether you are cut or not.

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