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The Captn's Wench: PE Device

I finally got the time to make the “Captain’s Wench”, and all I can say is “Wow!” It is easy to make, by following his simple , yet precise instructions. All I can say is “Thank You.”


Current Stats, BPEL x EG (base): 6.5'' x 5''

Hanging with the Wench.

Forgive me if this has been discussed elsewhere, but how to hang with the Wench is still a little unclear to me. What should I hang from the Wench once I’m wearing it?

There are plenty of threads about this. Use the search function.

Put a hook on your wench strap, or a chain or rope through it, and attach a barbell plate, or dumbell, or jug of milk……..

Originally Posted by chainz 8
Guys when you first start hanging ,you have to experiment some.This is how I wrap and hang.I stretch my penis forward,not as far as it will go,just pull it out some.I then push my foreskin up toward the glans,creating a nice cushion.I then begin wrapping,about an inch back from the little bumper I’ve just created,spiralling down toward the base.I then wrap my wench around about an inch ahead of my fat pad.Place the cable clamp on and hang.The only time I ever get numb is if I haven’t wrapped tight enough,or if I clamp too tightly.Anymore I only go 1 click on the cable clamp and I’m good to go.

Thats kinda how I do it too. I have used the same Wench for like two years now! It works great. My wrap Is a 2” by 7” strip. made from a tee shirt and duct tape.

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Anyone got any stats on this. What are your girth an length gains? And how long have you been using the wench?

Its not the wench that gives you gains, it is the hanging, pulling etc that you do with it. If you hang and pull long enough you will get some gains. There are different ways to do it. The wench is just one option. To me, it is a pretty good option because it is more comfortable than other ways I have tried hanging, and a good alternative to pulling with your bare hands (although I do that as well).

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Step 3:

Cutting the nylon strap for a ADS 16-36 in.? or cm.?

OK. I’ve made this thing and used exactly the same parts as listed but the thing will not “grab” my unit. It squeezes hard enough but the grippers slide off my dick when I pull. I get a better pull using my hand. The grippers need to be more rubbery I guess and it’s almost as if I need to pull of the shiny coating layer on the grippers to get to that softer rubber underneath.

Anyone else have this problem? Yes, I’ve tried it with the clamp as well and it still slides off the skin. This isn’t an issue with the squeezability (is that a word?).

What are you using for a wrap? I tried mine without a wrap and it just pulled my skin over my glans until the whole thing fell off. Wrapping with ace bandage then self-stick bandage and clamping solved all that for me.

Good luck and good gains!

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It takes some practice. Try pulling your skin forward a little before you put on the wench. this creates a little cushioning roll of skin near the head which helps with the slipping. And the clamp is a must. Place the clamp near the head side of the wench, not in the middle.

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Originally Posted by grx
What are you using for a wrap? I tried mine without a wrap and it just pulled my skin over my glans until the whole thing fell off. Wrapping with ace bandage then self-stick bandage and clamping solved all that for me.

Good luck and good gains!

I was using the Homedics TheraWrap. I will try an Ace wrap. Those suckers really grab. I also thought about putting a coat of rubber cement on the grippers because when that stuff dries, it has a nice, soft, grippy feel to it.

thanks for the input guys.

Has anyone tried going to walmart to get the nylon strip lately? Apparently they don’t carry it. I wasn’t sure what it was at first (looks almost like a belt in the picture) and I looked all over the crafts area for it. I thought it’d be right near the velcro as well. No one at the store could help me, they basically laughed and said no we don’t have that (without even looking hard).

Nevermind found a local craft store, time for construction :]

I live in germany, and cant find any of the supplies needed. But I am willing to Paypal anyone the money for supplies and shipping

I think Monty’s PE Weights will supply and ship all the parts.

Maybe you should consider a different design. Have you seen Tom Hubbard’s - bad link AFB?

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