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The Captn's Wench: PE Device

Capt’n. It’s been awhile since I’ve heard from you. I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful design. I just built my first wench and am already loving it!

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Maybe this has been disgusted before, but I just thought of something I did to my wench a long time ago that other guys should know about:

I used to get scratched sometimes where the edge of the wench cylinder made contact with the ridge of my glans. To deal with it, I squeezed a long bead of aquarium silicone along the edge, and smooshed it down a little with my fingers so that it stayed put on the velcro. It’s softer and more comfortable than the harsh edge of the velcro strip.

Liquid rubber makes for a sweet hang

Instead of the grippy rubber type material, which I never could find, I painted the inner side of the wench with liquid rubber (available at any craft store- lewiscraft, for example—it is red, and smells like ammonia.) A few layers of that and the wench grips like crazy. I have also used this stuff on Tom Hubbard’s lateral compression hanger, and a few others. (Hockey tape over the plastic ABS pipe, then the rubber.)

Newbie Question here

WHen you guys hang stretch with the wench, or any ADS, what do you use as weight and how do you guage it. Are there weights you can buy?

Do you just pull manually?

Thanks for the help :)


I’ve got the original grippers, but they dont hold well at all. I stretch with restistant materal (ace tied to foot), so I dont know how much weight i’m using, but every time I try for a good stretch the rubber grippers stay put, and the velcro slides forward and hits my gland. Any suggestions? Maybe a better glue?

Maybe i’ll switch to darkskies8181’s liquid rubber?

Hey Captn, this is truly brilliant, but I think I got a little lost in the directions. What is the actual “cylinder” made of? Sorry if this seems stupid, I’m just very precautious when it comes to my penis. Thank you much, this is a genious idea

Sunny, I would just use actual weights. They sell weights at the Olympia Sports near me that gos as low as one pound. I have alot of 5s and 2.5s kicking around in the basement that I will use. Honestly, I would go buy a few weight plates, they really aren’t that expensive

Ok, so I figured it out and I love this thing, it works really really well, thank you so much Captn

I made one yesterday. I haven’t tried it much but my first impression is it is pulling my outer skin forward too much, rather than putting the force on the inner penis.

Instead of grippers, I used this thick felt which has a sticky side. It is used, like grippers, on furniture legs etc. It is actually quite stiff and the felt is comfortable but I don’t know how it compares to grippers

To make sure you get the inner penis, tighten the Cable Clamps alot and it should work. I love mine

I need some help here.

I made mine and am having the same issues as MrAVG. This would be my first time hanging with any device, so I’m not sure how much pressure is safe to apply before I cut off circulation to MR happy. So far I wrap once with ACE bandage then do 2 clicks of the clamp. It feels really tight, but I too feel like most of the stress is being transfered too the skin of my penis as the weight pulls the skin down and forward toward my head. I’ve tried alot of methods to keep this from happening, but will this always happen? Do I need to tighten the clamp up more then prevent this from occurring? I would go to three clicks, but it feels VERY VERY tight then and I’m honestly worried that I’m squishing my penis too much.

Maybe some of you experieced hangers can let me know whether I’m doing something wrong or not. I’ve read all of the tutorials on wrapping, and I think I’m doing it all right, but it seems like no matter how well I wrap, when I hang the skin DOES pull downward toward the head and take some of the hanging stress with it.

What can I do?

Thanks guys :)


I want to clarify that I meant that the weight causes the hhangingdevice to ride the skin down toward the head. It does not slide against the it isn’t a too lose issue or chaffing issue.Ultimately it is a question of exactly how well the device is grabbing my inner penis.

When you wrap, try to stretch your penis out as much as possible, and pull your skin back toward you body. Wrap tight. Click the clamp down tight. If it doesn’t hurt it is probably ok. As you hang keep an eye on your dick head, it could turn a little bit dark red, or even purple. If it starts getting really dark, it means it is probably time to release it and get some fresh blood into it. Don’t say clamped for more than 10 minutes at a time while you are getting used to it and you will stay pretty safe.

I have still not mastered the wench, but it is getting better. I think how you wrap has a lot to do with it. (dick stretched, skin pulled back, wrap stretched tight).

Guys when you first start hanging ,you have to experiment some.This is how I wrap and hang.I stretch my penis forward,not as far as it will go,just pull it out some.I then push my foreskin up toward the glans,creating a nice cushion.I then begin wrapping,about an inch back from the little bumper I’ve just created,spiralling down toward the base.I then wrap my wench around about an inch ahead of my fat pad.Place the cable clamp on and hang.The only time I ever get numb is if I haven’t wrapped tight enough,or if I clamp too tightly.Anymore I only go 1 click on the cable clamp and I’m good to go.


I just wanted to say thanks to the captain for the plans. I finally made one and it works great. I never was able to find the rectangular grippers, so for now I’m using pieces that I cut from an old mouse pad.
Thanks again.


Started 12/2002 EG - 4 1/2" BPEL - 5 1/4" Current 08/2005 EG - 5 1/2" BPEL - 6 7/8" Goal EG - 6.00" BPEL - 8.00"


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