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the best way to get bigger

the best way to get bigger

i’ve been doing pe routines for about a month and havent seen any real changes. i’m currently 6” long with 4” girth. i do jeggling three times a week and the pump ever so often just to see myself bigger to stay inspired with the possibilities, can anyone suggest a good routine that does not consist of hanging exercises?

try 5 days a week (I do m,t,w, off th, fr,sat, off sun).

Jelq 400 three second strokes (about 24 min)

stretch 30 thirty second pulls


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My original starting routine gave me some very good initial gains over about a 6 month period until I changed over to a new system. This was my first routine:

6:00 am
morning stretch 12, 60 second stretches.

7:00 am Kegles:
100 squeezes followed by a 20 sec. hold, followed by 50, 5 second holds with a 2 second release. Followed by a hold till failure.

I stretch everytime a take a piss
(about 7 times a day)so 7x4 sets of 60 second holds a day.

10:00 am
My first jelq session is 700 hard jelqs with 3 sets of ulis every 100. followed by a hot wrap for 5 minutes.

4:30 pm
I do another set of pc exercises on my drive home.

8:00 pm
I do a testicle massage and stretch before my bath in the pm. about 5 minutes.

10:00 pm
I do my major jelq before bed: 1000 jelqs with ulis every 100. followed by a hot wrap for 5 minutes.

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I see the problem

I never heard that jeggling could make your dick bigger.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist. JEGGLING is a great word, reminds my of juggling. Maybe it’s good for growing bigger balls, just juggle with them!!!

...not buried yet, another 5" ahead!

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