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the BEST survey on the net


the BEST survey on the net

hey guys I finally found the definitive penis size survey again (no thanks to you lot!), they apparantly just changed URLs :)

it is now located at:

Go take a look, it has absolutely TONS of into, not just length, girth, but flaccid averages, increase on erection, average by ethnic background, the works….

very interesting not just for newbies but for veterans, to increase your knowledge of the ‘norms’ and quirks of all our little men down stairs!!

There is another link which might prove useful to you guys. There are other surveys and this link reviews them all in one link. I am not advocating any PE site, just that this has several surveys that can be compared easily. I believe that some some so called surveys just use the same figures as the old Kinsey report.


maybe every survey that goes out to find this magical number comes up with roughly the same ones is that they are doing a good job of it?

I don’t like to trust a survey where every guy measures his own and just tells them, nor do I want to believe a survey where they have a ‘consistant’ measuring standard……

bah to hell with it, we can all just have our own theories on averages and whatnot…

it all depends on who you know doesn’t it? hehe

As far as the accuracy of measured, one has to wonder about the bone-pressed/non-bone-pressed factor. What exactly is bone pressed? One can press pretty hard.

Even after months of exercise (3 on, 5 off, 2 on), I still wonder if my 1/2 gain is just a measuring trick, with me unconsciously working harder and harder at measuring non-bone-pressed as actually bone-pressed and bone-pressed as SUPER-bone-pressed. I guess I’ll know whether I’m actually pressing harder each month if eventually the tape measure is coming out my ass.

Until then, I hang and jelq and dream.

I hear you

I wonder the same thing. Since I have not had huge gains yet, I wonder if it is real or not. I bet if you are able to gain 1” or more, the idea that it is all just a measuing trick is out the window. So I will just keep going until I can get an inch gain and then I will know for sure that I got something real!!!


Hmm… I pretty much typed this in the newbie forum, but here is the basic thing again.

You should take your measurements bone pressed, really hard against the pubic bone.


because since you’re measuring GROWTH and GAINS it doesn’t matter how you measure as long as it’s consistent.

Most consistent way is Bone Pressed IMO.

If you use non bone pressed, it’s much more difficult to get a consistent reading than if you do very hard bone pressed. For example when you do non bone pressed you might push in a quarter of an inch where as last time you didn’t push in at all, in fact you pulled your skin out 1/8”. Now it looks like you just gained 3/8”! Where as with super bone pressed you know exactly where the ruler should lie.

I think bone pressed is nonsense. I can get wildly different measurements by pressing with different forces.

Its very easy to measure your dick non bone pressed. Simply lightly touch (dont press) the ruler right where the dick comes out at the base on top. This allows you to actually measure the length of your dick. Its a touch not a press. I get consistent measurements like this (actually, its getting bigger). With bone pressing, it can vary for me by a half inch depending on how much I want it to measure and how hard I press. In any case, bp is usually an inch bigger than my real length. I’ve seen some pics of guys measuring there dicks like this getting an 8 inch bp measurement where they appear to be measuring half of their kidneys. I think I would get 6-6.5 real measurement with my way. Also, use a straight hard ruler. Tape measurement seem to add slightly to allow for curves. Curves lessen length and since true effective length is what you are measuring, straight ruler is more accurate.

2 BP or not 2 BP

For your own personal measurements I guess it doesn’t really matter as long as you’re consistent. But if you’re asking people to do their own measurements then it has to be BP - far less likelyhood of “cheating” which was one of the main problems with the Kinsey Report. As long as the men are told to push the ruler as hard as they can against the pubis the results should be consistent. The measurements are also larger which may be psychologically more comfortable for some men who otherwise may have been tempted to enhance their statistics. IMO, NBP is far more open to “exploitation”.


BPEL (5") | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | *20cm* (8")

MTSL (5") | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | *25cm* (10") MTSL = Maximum Traction Stretched Length

"Pertinaciously pursuing a penis of preposterously prodigious proportions." What a mouthful!

For me, thats the problem with bp measurements. There is no real set point with bp measuring. If you press hard enough, you can puncture the skin and get maybe even more. The problem is that you can press with different intensities on different days. If you simply measure where the dick begins from the top lightly, the part that can actually enter another body, you get true dick measurement. I think bp allows for just as much distortion as nbp with the added problem of it not being a measurement of true length. Besides, wouldnt fatter people with bp measurment actually have a lot more length with all the layers of fat to press in near the pubic bone? Its just not accurate. I think a uniform nbp measurement is the way to go. Right from where it comes out with a light touch (no pressing). Right at the base of the right angle created by your penis and from whence your penis came.

Surveys are always gonna have the people problem. Many people just lie.

The only real way to get good dick measurement averages is to take a few thousand guys and have a nurse measure them uniformly.

Like I said before I think it’s much more consistent to take a bone pressed. You say that you can press with different intensities. That’s exactly what bone pressing is supposed to ELIMINATE. You press until the point that the ruler hits your pubic bone.

Pressing it to the pubic bone and pressing it REALLY hard against the pubic bone doesn’t change your measurement much. At least for me, I gain .1” AT MOST doing that. You say just press it “lightly” against your skin. How much is lightly? You might press a little to compensate for pubic hair but wind up pressing a little harder or less hard each time.

But like it’s been noted before: all that matters is whether or not your measurement method is CONSISTENT, I just find that taking BP measurements to be much more reliable.

I agree, what ever works consistenly is best. I can gain almost half an inch on top of the half inch I gain already depending how hard I press against the pubic bone. Maybe you are thinner than me. Light is simply touching. The lighter, the better. I cant see any gross differences measuring this way.

As far as using this bp measuring for an average, well that is the really bad part of bp measuring cause the more fat there, the more faux length. What we are after is average length of penis - not an average of the fat between ruler and pubic bone. We are after penis not “depth” of pubic bone - which apparently differs amoung people due to fat and maybe bone size and posture factors.

I think “proper” bp measuring is just very painful. I can simply measure from the base and get a much more accurate measure of my dick which can also be used for comparison with others as there are no pubic bone depth differences that seem to exist amoung people to skew the results, everything else being equal.

If you have a half inch to go totally bone pressed before you hit pubic bone and I have an inch to go before I hit pubic bone, how can we possibly accurately compare dick size for averages? We would need to know exact measurement of pressing in from the out side to bone to eliminate this difference. Otherwise you are counting nonsense in the average as pubic depth has nothing to do with dick size. And to do that we would need an agreed upon starting point. That starting point might be ….. yes, where the dick begins. So why not start there and forget the melodrama?

Also, I’ve done what I thought were pretty even bone presses and got noticeable differences and it wasn’t growth. Still, this way of measuring is useless for comparison unless you can say for sure how much you go in. And if you can do that, you can start at the beginning, before you did the pressing.

Newbie, please do not take this as a flame, BUT, I hate to say it, virtually everything you say supports measuring bone pressed. Length from pubic bone to tip of penis is consistent and ONLY varies significantly if the penis size CHANGES. Think about it, if you gain 40 pounds does your dick get smaller? No. The bone pressed measurement will may be slightly less but the non-BP will be substantially less.

If you are concerned about skewing the various survey results, do whatever you wish. My guess if that variable is already in the test. BUT, if you are concerned with knowing if your dick is growing, BP is the only way to go. There is really no argument.

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I disagree. The difference between pubic bones and base (beginning of dick) is different for diff people. There is no difference between your base and mine. It begins with the beginning of your dick. We both have that. The only difference is between the size of your dick and mine. We could have a different depted pubic bone as many people apparently do. Some people get half an inch more when bonepressing than others. Is the guy who gets a half inch more have a half inch bigger dick? No he doesn’t. Its not good for comparing. Its a silly technique.

Its very simple to put the ruler at the begining of your dick and measure. From this you get the real size of your dick, which can be compared easily with others in a realistic way. Will it be a perfectly consistent measurement? Probably not. But it won’t be any worse then bp. Except with nbp, you can compare and you have actual dick size. Dick size meaning what can actual enter another human body.

Also, when I say compare, I mean among a population for average size - with others. You can compare bp with your own dick of course. But you can do that nbp plus with the other benefits.

Its really not that hard to measure your dick from the beginning point. Its a pretty established spot. I know I’ve got inconsistent measurements using bp. Maybe it works better for some than others. I push pretty hard one day - do the same the next day and get a different result. I’d rather get the real measurment which for me provides perfect consistency without the need for trying to impale my pubic bone with a ruler.

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BP or NBP, the solution in the end is a lot of measurements of both over a long period of time doing PE.

If PE really works, then over time, the gains will make themselves apparent.

Any questions concerning surveys only exist among those who do one time measurements, and not those who PE for several months.

One can only “press the bone” so much before one realizes that there are actual gains.

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