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That’s true. I prefer to just look at it and if it looks big, I’m happy.

I agree with notenough. newbie you are digging your own grave argument wise hehe

I think what is needed is a new and original measuring device… ahh and behold! My genius has invented it!

all you need is a bit of clear plastic pipe, wide enough to accommodate your wang, which you have drawn lines across and numbers from a ruler along one side… all you need to do is get real hard and insert it as deep into the tube as possible… this is sorta BP but all round instead of from one ‘angle’…. I believe this method will measure the true external dick. everything you can possibly insert into a lady (or man, given your persuasion) will be counted (unless of course you have so much pubic fat that it makes a difference, but then again, you’d hafta be pretty plump for it to make a big difference)

who likes my idea? ME!

I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, and then I saw some pump with measures down the side, so unfortunately I can’t market it as the sec-measure :D


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