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The Best Lube?


The Best Lube?

OK, so this question is very embarrassing because it really puts me into my place into the sexual novice category…

I think it is evident that I need more lube than that already on the condom seeing as how my girl is very tight. We were both pretty concerned over the safety of the condom; any damage could ruin at least two lives. Could anyone recommend a good lubricant for vaginal sex that would be guaranteed not to affect the condom’s protection?


KY or astroglide.

Eros is the best I have ever used. And it is latex safe. It stays wet forever…never dries out.

For vaginal intercourse try Liquid Silk. For anal, Maximus. Both from Bodywise UK. These are water based, but last quite long. The problem with eros(silicone based) it’s really difficult to clean off afterward, and you need a special washing fluid.

Try PJur.. a little more expensive, about $16 for a bottle but it’s well worth it. Never dries out and a clean up is not neccessary since it’s being absorbed by the skin…small amounts, so don’t worry, it’s absolutely safe. I used it with my GF and she loves it.

Or, if you are really concerned about condoms, why don’t the two of you get tested and that will eliminate the condom issue ;)

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Originally Posted by liloveravg
KY or astroglide.

Those are the 2 I used also. KY you can get at the store. :)

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I haven’t tried KY, but I found that Astroglide didn’t last long enough.

Just remember oil based lubes break down latex and silicone based lubes can damage silicone toys.

For reviews on a variety of lubes, check out:

I have KY Warming Liquid, and it’s not very effective as a lubricant. KY jelly is much, much better.


Thanks for your help. I will start out with some ky just to get a feel for it, and then move up to your fancier pro-lubes. :)


I like WET better than KY. I use wet all the time for sex it works great and seems to last for ever! It is latex safe and can be found net to the KY in most stores. I goes for about the same price, my bottle costs 4.99 and lasts for a couple of months!

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While we’re on the subject of lube…what lube do you lot use for PE?

I use conditioner (for hair) for wet jelqs, because I’m more likely to have that with me in the shower than lube. And luckily conditioner isn’t as harsh on the skin as soap or shampoo (see a recent discussion on them here).

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I personally prefer Wet. Just ran out and bought some ID Glide. I don’t like it as much as the Wet because the Wet stayed slick a lot longer.

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