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The best kegel question ever

The best kegel question ever

What way/routine has worked best for you with kegels? My goal is just to have the hardest erections possible, but I don’t know whether I should squeeze as hard as I can for five seconds repeatedly, go for as long as I can, etc. Then there’s the issue of how often. It seems like most people do them everyday, but from what I know from weightlifting, if you want a muscle group to get stronger and bigger you should hit it about once a week. I could theorize all day, but empirical evidence is best, so please share you experiences and ideas, because harder erections are fuckin sweet.

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A question about kegel too..

I notice whenever I kegel, I will lose my erection. Is this correct?
I have friend who commented that whenever he kegel, it gives him a more forceful erection.

I kegel during the day sometimes when I have time. I usually vary between short, fast kegels and long held ones.
Every second day I do kegel with an erection and weights.
I think that really boosted the strength I am able to squeeze my muscle. I want a strong muscle cause I want to become multi-orgasmic(and I think it works)

I also lose my erection when doing kegels

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Go read the forum guidelines, will ya. Thanks.

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I kegel at the end of every jelq, I think it helps with keeping the glans at max blood pressure.

How do you hold a kegel? I can’t do this at all. I can do 100s by kegeling and releasing quickly but I can’t hold one for even 1 second. Do actually hold the contraction hard or is it more a case of ‘fluttering’ it (I’ve done that a few times before).

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The thing that works best for me is doing about 10-15 1 minute kegals. First I start off with a couple dozen quick ones to warm up. When I start the 1 minute ones, I flex the muscle as SLOWLY as I can, and as the minute ticks down I keep doing it harder and harder until the minute is up. By about the 20 second mark, Im doing a full one, but I still try to flex it harder.

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Originally Posted by did

I also lose my erection when doing kegels


That’s mean I’m not doing wrongly

I can’t do enough kegels and it only gets bigger and better.I decondition in my sleep and in the bath.

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