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The Angiogenesis Growth Factor and how it may relate to Pe

The Angiogenesis Growth Factor and how it may relate to Pe

Angiogenesis grows new blood vessels and also inhibits their growth. I was led to this idea by Tube when I asked a question in the supplement section but only gave it a quick read and thought nothing more about it until the Megalophallus, Priapism thread showed up again. I’ve only read a little more on the idea but some of facts, I believe may relate to PE. The damage we cause to our tissues, although minor damage(micro tears) each time we exercise, may cause new blood vessels to grow. Clamping being the one exercise I believe to cause more mico-tears than any other and along with the tunica expansion may be what leads to the significant gains made. Just wanted to put this out and see what thoughts others have, if any, on the subject.

Yes i think it is interesting though I know little about it. Supposedly low oxygen can trigger it which makes sense because what does blood do but deliver oxygen.

I suppose another question to ask is “is more blood vessels a good thing?”.

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Good question, I’m no expert myself but just from reading some of the info in the link makes it sound like we may be able to produce the effect in specific areas of the body. The info states that there are inhibitors that keep our bodies from producing extra blood vessels when we don’t need them, such as in disease or even herbs like ginseng and green tea. There are also growth factors but they don’t mention any readily available substances, just medicines they’ve used in trials and treatments to help heal wounds that normally wouldn’t heal properly. Just needs more research to figure out how it can be used to our benefit. I just think that if we damage our tissue, even a little, our bodies should produce some vessels, even if it’s only the smallest of capillaries.

I just found your thread. Interesting.

Here is a little discovery I made yesterday that might contribute something to your discussion.

For the last three weeks I have been wrapping with an ACE bandage after I complete my ADS sessions. The wrap keeps the shaft from turtling and it also plumps the entire unit (I also wrap the testicles). In the first week I wrapped rather loosely because I was afraid to do damage.

The second week I got a little more brave and actually used the wrap as a kind of clamp a couple of times. My unit swelled up to near erect proportions but still remained flaccid. I was careful to keep it under close watch and I would frequently release the pressure. AS I kept doing this I noticed that it became easier to tolerate the discomfort so that I could be wrapped tightly, stay safe, and still function as a person. I was encouraged.

This week I have decided that I will remain wrapped every second I am awake and not using my ADS. Last night, I took a shower before bed and noticed that my penis and scrotum looked MUCH more vascular. The biggest difference was in the scrotum where I noticed the size of many veins had increased and I suspect there are some new capillaries as well.

The theory here my be that the wrap induces a hypoxic state that causes increased vascularization of the organ.

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That’s right in line with what I’ve been seeing although with a cable clamp. When I clamp, the right side of my dick has much more blood vessels than the left(almost none showing). Now going into a couple of months of double clamping, I can see more vessels than before. Hoping this is a sign of angiogenesis and better blood flow.

question for goonbaby

Goon, could you please describe how you wrap your whole unit including your boys?




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