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The Amazing Human Ability of Supercompensation


The Amazing Human Ability of Supercompensation

OK, guys, after returning from a several year break and reading some stories of the successful gainers on the site, I have a new theory on gains. This theory is based off of the type of sports training called complex training that I used while training for sports a few years ago. Now I know that there are a lot of people at TP that compare PE to bodybuilding and many that completely disagree with that analogy, but read this and give it some thought.

To add some more background information, I remembered this idea after reading the Peter Dick method thread and reading some of tae_lord’s posts. The main thing that I got from the Peter Dick method was his suggestion to constantly vary the exercises, intensities, durations, and the other variables of a PE routine. The main thing I got from tae_lord was this quote: “Basically anytime I was horny and felt an urge to workout, I worked out. In which they came in cycles, that I believe naturally made me grow.” I’ll get to why these stuck out and made me remember this concept.


There are basically four phases that are important in the idea of Supercompensation:

The Stimulus

To demonstrate this concept, I will compare a PE workout to a regular workout at a gym. In this case, the Stimulus is the exercise, let’s say regular bicep curls. After completing a few sets that push the biceps to their limits, the biceps are weakened and unable to perform as well as before. This is Fatigue. After you leave the gym (and you might need to eat something) your body begins to repair the damaged muscle fibers. This is Recovery. After several days you return to the gym to do bicep curls and you have found that you are indeed stronger than you were before. This is Supercompensation and it is the body’s natural ability to react to a stimulus and become more able to handle that stimulus in the future.

Below are two links that illustrate this principle.

If you follow this link and go to page 29 of the file, you will see a basic illustration of the principle. Take note that following supercompensation is a return to the baseline state. This means that in order to take advantage of supercompensation, one must introduce a new stimulus or else he will just return to his previous state.

On page 37, a new concept is illustrated, that recovery and supercompensation are based on the intensity of the stimulus (and thus the depth of fatigue). The more intense the stimulus, the greater the supercompensation but the longer the recovery period. There is other good information on this file that might be worth taking a look at.


This is a very simple concept. In fact, I would say that everyone has a sort of intuition about it. If not we’d be PEing 24 hours a day with the hope of gaining an inch in a week. We know that this is not the case and that we need to manage the intensities of our workouts and get enough recovery before we go out at it again.

Again, we know that skeletal muscles and the tissue in the penis are not the same. It is not entirely clear of what factor is falling during fatigue and rising during supercompensation. I would say that the best term would be general erection quality since it is harder to maintain an erection after a strenuous PE workout and that a gain in size is certainly an increase in the quality of one’s erection. Another question that this may raise is, “Well, what about clamping? The idea of clamping is to consistently expand the penis and keep it that way.” The answer to this I cannot say. Perhaps someone with more clamping experience could comment.


1) How do we know when we have achieved supercompensation?

This is where tae_lord’s advice comes in. I know from previous that is very easy to get obsessive and do too much with the hope of achieving gains faster or out of frustration from not getting gains fast enough. After reading tae_lord’s posts and combining them with my own experience, I have come to the conclusion that it is a bad idea to do PE before you have fully recovered from the last session. This means that if you follow a certain schedule of days on and off and you are scheduled to do PE that day but aren’t feeling up to it, then skip the day and do it the next day. At the same time, this probably indicates that if you are extremely horny and are getting powerful erections, take advantage of it and do some extra PE.

2) How can we ensure that we always get a enough fatigue to ensure strong supercompensation?

This is where Peter Dick’s theory comes in. In my opinion, the answer is consistently changing the stimulus. I know first hand from weight lifting that the results are the best when the weights, reps, and exercises are changed regularly. This is a generally accepted principle that applies to working out and if the idea of supercompensation is accurate, it most surely goes for PE too.

3) What else can we do to ensure good recovery and thus good gains?

There are many theories. Some include a good diet, being in good shape, cessation from masturbation or sex, etc. This is up to all of us to find out individually.


Again, this is just a theory. As I said before, I am just now returning to PE so I haven’t had experience putting it directly into play but I do know that my previous PE experience indicates that there is a type of supercompensation going on. I urge the more experience members to comment on this especially the big gainers (not that the no gainers or little gainers don’t deserve respect). Enjoy.

I think it is just as good as any other theory out there. They are all just theories until something a little more definitive is found and this will take the medical community to take PE seriously enough to attempt to apply these theories to see which ones hold water.

LOL, I thought about overcompensating.

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"Take it Slow and Watch it Grow"

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I agree with the above thread and practice it, always practice it. And the need to change routines often PE or strength training. I change my PE program every 6-8 weeks between program change I take a week off. Infact I’m taking this week off and giving ballooning a try.

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Alright, its been a few days since I posted this thread and since its not getting too much play (I guess because I haven’t yet earned the respect around here), I feel the need to comment again to bump it back up. If there any older members, particularly big gainers, that can comment, it would be much appreciated.

To give everyone an update, since I’ve taken this mindset I’ve already seen some very positive signs. I’ve followed a 1 on 1 off program for the past 2 weeks consistenting of stretching, jelqs, and a few squeezes. A few days ago I was feeling extra horny so I did an extra jelq session a few hours after my main workout and I’m due to have a workout tomorrow but I think I could use an extra day off so I may skip it and go on Monday. In this short amount of time I have noticed a strong improvement erection quality (I’m starting to point farther upwards when erect) and I’m waking up everyday with an erection which is not usual. I’m the type that measures constantly and I’m up about 1/8” in girth and length but I would attribute this to better erections at this point. Also, I have a better than normal flaccid hang about 90% of the time and it just feels heavier.

I really hope that my theory works out in the long run and I’ll definitely keep everyone posted. It just seems like it is the way the body naturally works.

Comments, please!

It is a very sound theory, almost to the point where it is a solid fact.

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There’s no question in my mind that it applies to building muscle and certainly other mechanisms of the body. The question is whether or not it applies to PE. Based on my experience, what I’ve read and know, and the fact that I can’t find anything to really contradict the idea, I believe it does.

Example, a muscle surrounds the penis before it leaves the body the BC who’s to say that kegeling does not grow the penis by developing the BC muscle.

The muscle in my theory constricts around the corpus bodies constricting them forcing the inner penis to push out into the outside world, thus adding length. Ass the bc grows it pushes out more of the inner penis. So because there is a muscle surounding the penis therefore something is being developed from the act of kegaling.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!


I can’t believe that no one else has comented this thread.

I think that this explains in a very complete way a lot of experiences from several people in this forum.

I also think that few people replied this thread because the title is confusing, I thought that this thread was going to be about some scientific experiment not related to PE. Well I hope that more people comment this thread.

At least I’ll give it a try.. The only question I have is if a warm down after PEing can fit in the theory (because some say it cements the gains, but I don’t know)

Originally Posted by wangchun

If you follow this link and go to page 29 of the file, you will see a basic illustration of the principle. Take note that following supercompensation is a return to the baseline state. This means that in order to take advantage of supercompensation, one must introduce a new stimulus or else he will just return to his previous state.

This is a hypertrophy theory and I’m not sure at all that PE gains is caused by hypertrophy, I’m leaning toward hyperplasia. I would like to see a time line in that graph. Is it days, weeks, months? Wouldn’t this suggest that if you do not PE you would eventually loose all your gains and go back to the “baseline” (the enlarged cells would shrink)?

You’re trying to compare progressive-resistance training of striated skeletal muscle to our attempts to affect plastic deformation of penile tissues…I see no similarities whatsoever.

Furthermore, when you speak of “fatigue,” the penis is not “curling” or “pressing” weights, so where’s the “fatigue”?

Even the results are so much different. What successful weight training leads to is “hypertrophy,” which is clearly not permanent (oh, don’t I know that!!!). When PE is successful, you have real gains via plastic deformation.

The only parallel I can draw between the two are the psychological factors: (1) Discipline, (2) Determination, (3) Persistence, etc. Physically, I see nothing similar between the two endeavors.

And, Dicko, that last I read, hyperplasia has yet to be proven in humans. It has been observed, I’m sure of, in feline muscle tissues. But, the last I read on this, it’s not been conclusively observed in human muscle tissue. Furthermore, hyperplasia wouldn’t factor into PE success anyway.

I’ve been pondering on this thought as well. You phrased it incredibly well. Lack of respect isn’t the reason why few re commenting. This is more of a untouched theory, but me, and a few others around here (as I see from this thread) are already on it. Can’t say much, but once a bit of time passes I will be able to discuss this in greater detail. Thanks for the wording.

Wishing and hoping for the best - yup your doing it wrong.

I think throw the theory out the window, and just try to find what works, then you can theorize.

In my opinion, the basis of how hard you should work is the level of erection you can achieve: If you find you’re waking up with a raging-boner, do your exercises, if not, take time off till it’s back again.

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.

Originally Posted by wadzilla
Furthermore, when you speak of “fatigue,” the penis is not “curling” or “pressing” weights, so where’s the “fatigue”?

I don’t know, but could it be the soreness? My dick definitely feels fatigued the day after a session, especially when I’m PEing the day after. The same holds true for trying to lift with the same muscles two days in a row at the gym.

I’m definitely going to try to follow this when I get back into another routine, thanks wangchun, seems like it makes sense.

Originally Posted by Yoyototo
LOL, I thought about overcompensating.

Haha, I thought the same - thought this thread was gonna be about small guys buying nice cars and stuff.

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.


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