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The Amazing Human Ability of Supercompensation


The theory does make sense. I mean, if you constantly do the same workout the result will be after a time a dick that adapted like the Borg, and then you will need to do a deconditioning break.

And the fact is also that PE is very much intuitive. That is the reason why one routine may work wonders for one man, and not do squat for another.

Originally Posted by wadzilla

And, Dicko, that last I read, hyperplasia has yet to be proven in humans. It has been observed, I’m sure of, in feline muscle tissues. But, the last I read on this, it’s not been conclusively observed in human muscle tissue. Furthermore, hyperplasia wouldn’t factor into PE success anyway.

Interesting, I wasn’t aware of that. You’re talking about plastic deformation. This is a mechanics concept but how do you explain the penis enlargement biologically? Do you mean we simply stretch out the tissues we already have by enlarging the extracellular matrix and not enlarging the cells (hypertrophy) or increasing the number of them (hyperplasia)? Wouldn’t that make the penis tissues weaker as we gain?

Originally Posted by kazooplayer

Haha, I thought the same - thought this thread was gonna be about small guys buying nice cars and stuff.

Ironically the state is actually also called overcompensation if you look at the graph (page 29, first pdf link). :)

I haven’t been on in the past few weeks so I missed a few replies.

Wad, I’m not arguing which specific form of growth or expansion going on; only that the mechanism is probably the same. There is a stimulus and a reaction to the stimulus and a time frame over which this occurs (with a few other specifics). There’s really no way for me or likely any of us to prove it or not and keeping this idea in mind did not prevent me from overtraining myself as I did a few weeks ago, but it’s still a thought. Also, can you link me to some reading on the whole plastic deformation thing?

Wang, you’ve suggested, as has Bib, that starving yourself of extra supplements is in fact BETTER longterm because when left weaken the body is more apt to bounce back even stronger.

But what if you feel you need some supplements to increase libido so that you can increase the chances of getting random erections, which would be a facilitator for PE.

Also, can you expand on what you mean by “good diet”?


bobs, I’m not suggesting that I don’t like the idea of supplements because it will weaken the body. I’m saying that I don’t like them because I don’t want my penis to grow beyond the point where my body can naturally support its size without the help of supplements. I want to try and help my body become able to support a larger unit. Again, I have absolutely no hard evidence to prove that this is the way the body and penis work, but it seems right to me.

As far as a good diet, I just mean what would be considered a good diet for general health and more along the lines of eating naturally over eating too many processed foods, etc.

So drop the supplements?

Even the multivitamins?

PE should, in my opinion, be a health thing, like brushing our teeth and working out.

Obsessing about gains will only lead to disappointment for most people. - babbis

I’m certainly no expert. You do as you think is best for your body. People have a lot of different things to get gains but these are just my thoughts.

I definitely would keep taking the multivitamins.

I find it’s easier to do PE when your horny.

What about the guys who have decreased libido, what then?

I see no harm in supplementation short term if it brings you back to “GO” so you can collect your 200, and go on your merry way.

Then when things improve, drop the supplement.

In my case alone, we’re talking the ability to get normal erections manually, but no spontaneous erections (in public/morning wood), and haven’t gotten horny like I did just a few months ago.

PE should, in my opinion, be a health thing, like brushing our teeth and working out.

Obsessing about gains will only lead to disappointment for most people. - babbis

The reference-links posted by wangchum are not so scientific, by what I know; supercompenstation doesn't start when work is ceased : body can work and supercompensate at the same time, if the damage is not too grave; also, lactic acid isn’t produced if the effort isn’t prolonged, in a continous way, for more then 30”.

However, this is not the major point here. What is interesting is : that kind of supercompensation is what causes toughtness of tissues: they become more hard, more thick, so, less prone to elongation. If so, the bodybuilding-model training, adapted to PE, will probably lead to less gains.

This BB model is off-cause in the penis-extenders/ADS, right?

I think another paradigm is more useful for PEer’s: STRESS laws (as are those used in BB/atlethic training) should be used in opposite way. In other words, what you have to avoid is adaption to work; I think that the body use volume modification of tissues as a “hurried” reponse to stress; the bottom line, for our body, is adapting to a stress with the less morphological changes possible.So, if he (body) has time to recover plenty, he will make tissues stronger, not bigger.

This could explain why hardgainers haven’t results: their penis recovery so fast the it become stronger and stronger.

Another data : those who train penis like weigth-lifter (twatseatter has linked a video relating to this) don’t have a monstrous penis - and there are guys who hang with 200 kg (440+ lbs).

So: hanging few minutes a day (or 1 on - 1 off), with progressive higher weigths, will lead to low grow, fast strengthening penis.

The most useful thing, for those who have little or no gains, is doing lot of short workout daily at low-moderate force or continous work at very low force (ADS work).



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