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The 5" club

I hope you are OK mr Grey stick with this forum, it’s a good place to talk, not just about dick size.

For our demands most moderate are,

We only want the earth.

James Connolly

Originally Posted by meth0d
Hey check out my stats and feel better

Could go either way, I mean you have got impressive gains, but it seems some people gain more than others, and seeing a good gainer when you have not been so lucky with gains is probably depressing.

For our demands most moderate are,

We only want the earth.

James Connolly

Na read my stats again

[ 09.2006 ] BPEL 5" [ current ] BPEL 5.5" [ goal ] FL 4.5" BPEL 7"

dedication > size

Dedication > size

[ 09.2006 ] BPEL 5" [ current ] BPEL 5.5" [ goal ] FL 4.5" BPEL 7"

dedication > size

This thread is very old, but felt the need to post this because in my time of desperation, I found this to be one of the most helpful and inspiring threads I’ve come across here at Thunders’. This thread is not even 4 full pages long yet it is packed with more small sizes successfully reaching average to large sizes than I’ve seen in so many other threads. So many helpful success stories here!

It’s very sad to see that despite these inspiring stories, it appears MisterGrey lost hope after his last post ever on Thunders’, which is on page three of this thread. I was creeping on his profile from another post, and it confirms that this was indeed his fairwell to Thunders. I can only hope that he made it out of his hell in one piece and did not do anything drastic. He reminds me a lot of myself, for whatever reason.

Hope others can discover or re-discover these old stories and be inspired like I was.

This is perhaps exactly what I needed after initially gaining then losing an 1/8 of girth in a week. I was so depressed thinking that PE does t work. But this thread gives me a little bit of hope. Im 5.25 NBPEL and 4.625 girth and all I want to be is 6NBPEL and 5.1MEG to be bang on average. Hopefully I can achieve my goals I know for a fact it would make ms feel better as having that small temporary gain really boosted my confidence.

What’s your stats Smallja any gains?

Consider yourself lucky

I’m 4” erect over here :(

Some of these stories really motivated me. I just started the newbie routine 7 days ago and obviously havn’t seen any results yet but I am very excited to keep going. I couldn’t even imagine gaining like some of you have. It would really be a dream come true.

I am 5.5 BPEL and 4 EG. When do I get my shirt for the 5 inch club?

My first goal is 6 BPEL X 4.25 EG.. I hate how skinny my piece is.

You guys think average is larger than it really is. Check out Your not too far off.

My routine

Currently NBPEL of 5.5 and EG of 5

My routine for the past month has been 75 wet jelqs followed by 20 minutes in the penis pump. I do 4 sets of the jelqs and 3 of the pumping. I have seen some flaccid girth gains thus far. I would appreciate any opinions or help with my routine. If I am doing things wrong I’d appreciate that as well. Also Albinocavedweller, I concur , give me 6 EG any day of the week I’d love it.


I’m at 5 nbpl and 4 EG. Been doing PE for 8 months on and off. I’ve seen no gains yet . But I recently started clamping a month ago and my expansion gets up to 4 3/8 . Boy does it look a lot fatter. So I’m pretty sure ill see results from the clamping. Also I only PE 3 days a week due to school and work . Following those three days I get good EQ. I also smoke trying to quit to get better gains . Couple more months of school and ill put PE into full gear.

Keep at it guys, even when you feel like your getting no where just keep going. Persistence and finding what works for you is the key.

Nov 2009- 5.5 bpel - 4.3 mseg ------ Jan 20012- 6.75 bpel - 4.7 mseg

Short term goal 7 x 5

Goal 7.5 x 5.5

All of you guys in the 5” club should check out the fowfer exercises.


Does anyone of has anyone ever incorporated pumping into their routine? I’m a little over month into my routine which is 75 wet jelqs followed by 20 minutes in the pump.

I have been doing 3 sets of each for 5 days then rest on weekends. Definitely flaccid girth gains, I’m thinking on giving this a 3 month window of effort to see what happens.

I’d appreciate any input to help me along. One other thing I find odd is I am 5.5 NBPEL but 7 BPEL. I’m not overweight and I work out daily so it’s not like there is a lot of fat pad down there. Just seems odd to be 1 1/2” larger in BP mode.


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