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The 5" club

Originally Posted by ismellzesty
Hey, I started out at 5.75x4.55 in early ‘05. One year and three months later, I just hit my short term goal of 7x5.25. I am 5’8 and 160lbs, and now I couldn’t feel better about my penis size, it looks pretty big in comparison to the rest of me. Keep it up, it only gets bigger.

Is zesty a bad or good smell:D Those are some impressive gains what was your routine?

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Click the link “mem’s routine” in my sig - it works.

BTW, I added about 2” EL & more than 1” EG - and I’m still gaining. PE really works, but it’s not overnight. And forget those paysite add (2-4” in 1 year, etc.), they’re bullshit, they just want your $$$. Everything is here at your fingertips.

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I was about 5 NBP inches when I started. My girth was only about 4.5 inches mid-shaft. Now, 6 months later, and I am 6.25 BP and 5.1 on a good day mid-shaft girth. I didnt measure BP to start, which was not smart. I have a rediculous fat pad. I gotta lose some more wieght. I am very happy with my gains and I KNOW hanging is helping. I’ve only been at hanging for 1.5 months but I am seeing much better flacid hang. I wanna get to 7 inches BP and as much girth as possible. Maybe I can get more lenght but I am gonna take it as I get it. But one thing is the darn fat pad. Like I can jiggle it almost, almost. Its def close to an inch.

But you’re not alone. I say its time to hang. Its also time for me to use more weight…can’t wait.

I feel the same way as Mr. Grey,

I started with a 6 inch bone pressed length and a shameful girth of just 4 inches. In the back of my mind I always knew PE was possible but until about 8 months ago I had no idea how to do it.

I never really beat myself up on my size to the point where I gave up, but luckily I found thunders place where dreams actually do come true. I have gained a TRUE length of 3/4 of an inch and just got 1/4 inch girth which brings me to 6 3/4 x 4 1/4.

And even though I still consider myself small, I now see myself as young and hopeful for the future not only in my penis size, but in my life. I was never really a believer and I still pinch myself when I look at a ruler,

But my main point is that I have changed my lifestyle with PE and I don’t look at myself as small but as full of potential, even though half of the time I visit thunders I feel depressed about my size, it drives me to keep going so I keep coming back for more.

So mistergrey, if you stick with it, in 3 years you will be huge if that is where you decide to go. Then you can go back and show all your old girlfriends your big stick and tell them your calender is full with too many women to have time for her.

Sorry for waiting so long to reply to this thread. I have been out of the country for about two months. But Dino, when I started PEing I just did manual stretches. I did down, up, left, right, 5 minutes a piece. I also did 15 minute jelq. I did this 5 times a week for about 6 months and gained about 3/4” length and a little over 1/2” girth. My girlfriend was very confused. Then I added clamping into my routine 15 min twice a day, and kind of lightened up on the jelqing because of soreness. Did that for about 8 months and made the rest of my gains. Have just started hanging with a captn’s wench a couple weeks ago and am interested to see what happens. I have also started doing the v-stretch and inverted v-stretch for 2 minutes a piece in my routine.

I have 5” flaccid.I think I’m a member of 5” club too.

I wanna join this club

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Mistergrey, pe is unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) quite an addictive pasttime. I notice in your signature you say your ultimate goal is to be happy with the size of your penis, perhaps you are differant to me and probably many others on this board but I cannot envisage a time that I will be happy with the size of my penis, unless I become huge like 9”+. Perhaps this is selfish or shows self esteem issues on my part, but lets face it I wouldn’t be here if I didnt have self esteem issues. Sorry if this seems like a bit of a rant, it is not intended to be.

On a more positive note, you are not what I would class as “small”, parhaps by the standards of this board you are below average, but the average size on this board is likely to be bigger than average, with a much higher proportion of very large people as many people have been on this board and peing for years. You’ll get there and I can imagine you in perhaps a year or two looking back on this thread having added and inch or two to your member. Good luck.


Shooting for 9"

Bp Nbp

Please could somebody describe to me the difference between BP & NBP? I am new to this but I have not yet started a routine.. Just sort of reading through, gathering as much info before I start anything practical.. I measure 6” in erect length that is measuring along the top of my penis from base to tip.. Is that BP?? Or NBP? I would be happy with 7” but I am really after girth, I never had a complex with my penis but after reading through the site I have come to realise I am below average in that department measuring up at 4.25 EG. My goals are 7-7.5 EL from base to tip (along top) and 5-5.5 EG. But 7 x 5 I’d be v happy with.

Thank-you for that GlandMaster :-)


Istarted PE 8 months ago. I was 5.0 in length, my girth was 4.15. I started with newbie routine and was on it for six months. I gained 0.5 in the girth during first 3 months. Now I added pumping to my routine and it kind of helps me with my length. I think your length is all right. From my experience the girth will come to you first and that is what you need. Just create your routine and believe in yourself. I am 4.75 in girth now and 5.2 in length.

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Crap, mistergray had a melt down!

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[ 09.2006 ] BPEL 5" [ current ] BPEL 5.5" [ goal ] FL 4.5" BPEL 7"

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