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The 3 Best???

The 3 Best???

Hey there,
Still new here and wondering a few things. There is so much info and so many techniques to take in it’s overwhelming. Here’s what I’m curious about. I plan to dedicate myself to this for a long time but for a quick start I’m curious as to the 3 most popular movements to get my growth jumpstarted. My biggest weakness is actually girth at only 4.25 erect….sad - i know! But honestly - I’m more interested in more length at this point. Currently at between 6.5 and 6.75 bone pressed, I’d like to see more progress there first and if I get girth at the same time - awesome. (But hey - it’s length that really gives us ther bragging rights correct?) Anyway - my problem is - I’m up at 6 in the morning getting ready for work, home by 6pm - and either have band practice or a show with two different bands, plus a serious relationship to boot. I can find the 15-30 minutes 5 times a week - but I’m not seeing alot of time for trial and error. Plus knowing myself the way I do - If I’m not seeing results I know I’ll give up! (I’ve been trying to lose my love handles for 3 years now……….lol)

Any suggestion on the best 3 for quick permanent results to get me started between my warm up and warm down wraps???


Cool suggestion. Curious how many people followed this routine in the beginning and what results (in measurement terms) were achieved in what amount of time.


Thanks - checking now.

Jelq and stretching are the 2 most used exercises BY FAR. Next is probably squeezes.

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