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That's it- no more PE for me.


Originally Posted by wantsmore
Awesome Maldo, awesome. Sounds like you’ve got a truly great dame on your hands there. And being able to go on hikes up in the flat-irons? Dude, keep living the dream~!

However, regarding what Slender wrote….well, I just can’t let that slide whether I agree or not.

Ten things I want to do before I die:

1.) Be a lucid dreamer. You hear about it, people sometimes talk about it. It’s happened to me for VERY brief instants and then I lose it. To actually be able to DO IT, repeatably, would be quite cool.

2.) Become dedicated enough to do yoga every day. Would be the key to a successful, healthy, and happy life.

3.) Become a fearless surfer

4.) Free dive (with no tanks) past 50 feet, unweighted. I can hold my breath, easily, long enough, but there’s a fear factor I have yet to beat here. I have a friend who does 80 feet regularly- fucker.

5.) Live aboard a sailboat, island hopping, in the s. pacific for a couple of years.

6.) Live in an off the grid, hand-built home, high in the rocky mountains for a couple of years.

7.) Catch a Wahoo, slice him up there on the spot, and eat him sashimi style with wasabi, soy sauce, pickled ginger, and a bottle of cold sake while an asian honey smokes my pole on the deck of my boat.

8.) Fight the following people inside of the Octagon while wearing a leopard print g-string and fighting under the name, “Cash Money”, with Dru Barrymore (wearing a sheer neglige) acting as my second : Bill O’Reiley, George W. Bush, Osama Bin Laden, John Kerry, Rush Limbaugh, and other noteworthy assholes.

9.) Escape the Earth’s gravitational field in a 1970 Plymouth roadrunner with a 440 c.i. engine and a six pack while listening to Godsmack while on my way to a planet far, far away which was entirely inhabited by Brazillian looking bisexual chicas with c-cup titties and bubble butts.

10.) Successfully program my VCR.

Omg, I so want to do that now. All of these

"If you always put limit on everything you do, physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them." -Bruce Lee

Originally Posted by Maldonaldo
I think I know why she feels this way. When we were younger I used to really try to tear it up (part of my insecurity), and when I was on Testosterone she wouldn’t walk right for hours. But I have also seen her sit down hard on a 9 inch dildo and coo appreciatively (that messed me up!).

The thing is, I have finally been gaining length ,thanks to Thunders, and I can’t stop now. I am dick obsessed and won’t be happy until it touches the eight inch mark.

Has anyone screwed up a relationship with PE?


Oooh been there my friend, I’ll never ever forget the noises my first girlfriend made when I put a decent sized vibe in both holes, it was awesome and shattering at the same time, boy did my dick feel useless (in my head) for about a month.

As for screwing things up, my insecurities about my cock has caused me far more trouble than it’s worth, I’d rather stick with PE, gain confidence and not worry again, ever.

Originally Posted by Jafar_t
I think that your wife is probably feeling insecure because she is worried that other women might become interested in you if you have a larger penis. It is her problem, not yours.

Thread over on the second post.

I do agree to El Wino. Woman are quite mischievous. However, if YOU feel that you are healthy enough. If YOU feel that YOU are ready to stop making your penis healthy. IF YOU FEEL that she is right and you do not need to ‘enlarge’ you’re penis anymore…If YOU truly and whole heartedly believe that your goals have been reached and you are 99.99% sure that you can’t be happier with your penis, then Maldonaldo by all means, listen to what she is telling you and live out the rest of your life with your head up and a huge smile. If she is right, I do hope that on a great bulletin board of what has been your life and what is to become of it, concerns over your penis can be completely crossed out forever.

Sincerely your: co-thunder bud, mutual e-penis enlarger fanatic and forum supporter,


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Today-May 17, 2007 BPEL:7.19' | NBPEL: 6.7" | EG: 5.55"

My dick is on steroids!Progress Report w/pic Overtraining is worse than undertraining...

^ Great advise. :D

Thanks for the thoughtful responses everyone.

Let me say again that I made this up in my head, which is probably what many of us with insecurities have done.

We have spoken about this more than a few times since my first post( she is fascinated with this subject it seems), and even said if I wanted to get surgery( I don’t) she wouldn’t stop me, but I should be prepared for the sexual consequence of being longer- it might be too long for the type of full penetration we both love.

I really had no idea she would say that about the surgery. It makes as much sense as her getting a breast job- none.

I will, however, continue my routine for the foreseeable future with her blessing, e penis enlarger fanatic that I am as well.



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