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Thanks a lot everybody...

Thanks a lot everybody...

I just want to say thanks to everyone who is a part of this amazing website. Some of you may have read it in my other post, but I am going to basically dedicate this post to everyone as a thanks for all the great encouragement that goes on here, towards me, and towards everyone.

Earlier in my life I pounded it into my own head that a guy had to be huge for women to want to have sex with him and to be able to please a woman. I was not one of these guys so I really got down on myself. Well I stumbled upon this site and let me tell you, my thoughts about it have definitely changed. You guys are right, a woman who only cares about size is meant for porn, not for relationships. Your true love will not care about how big you are.

Thanks for everything guys, seriously. I used to get into these ridiculous states of near depression about it, and I would come here and just see everyone helping everyone out and encouraging them and giving advice and it’s just great. Thanks for helping me, too. I really needed it. I have come to realize that I put too much importance on it, more than most women more than likely, and as someone else put it in a different post, who am I trying to impress? The guys or the ladies?

I am not leaving, this is not a goodbye type of a thank you, it’s just a thank you that is well deserved by everybody.

Nov '04 EL: 6 7/8" EG: 5 3/8" Dec '04 EL: 7 1/16" EG: 5 5/8" Feb '05 EL: 7 3/16" EG: 5 7/8" Short term goal: 8x6 by this June Long term goal: 8.5x6-6.5

Cool. I feel the same way. This site and its members have done a lot for my self image. We all help each other.

Awww, We are all glad to help you Goes. ;)

You are right in what you have learnt… If the girl you are with cares about your cock size too much then she definately isn’t the one for you. Having a bigger dick is gonna be a nice treat - not something that should be mandatory. Any size dick is fine for making love and we should strive for it for our own benefit, instead of just for the women.

May the force (of your hand) be with you. :littleguy

Glad to hear it Goes!

Seeing the world from others eyes can really help open up new perspectives. Thunder’s Place does a great job of that.

Best wishes for continued success!

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