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Testing PE in a infra red sauna, any tips?!

Testing PE in a infra red sauna, any tips?!

Hey guys!

I have been gone for sometime because of all kind of private problems, so I did not do PE for the last 2 months.
In my first 2 months of PE I went from 7,6 inch in length and 5,4 inch in girth to 8,0 inch in length and 5,6 inch in girth.

Anyway I will come to the point now, we have build a infra red heating sauna in the house some time ago.
So I figured that if I do my PE workouts in the sauna I will gain faster then in other environments. Yesterday it was the first time I tried it, and I must say it gived me a very good feeling about it? I am now going to try to do this for three days in a week if I can make that.

Can someone give me some good exercise or schedule which you think is best for this. What I have been doing now was:
5 minutstrectching
25 minutes wet jelqing on a low erection level
15 minutes stretching
10 minutes O Bends
some horsesqueezes

Do you guys think I with will have a big advantage?


I use an infrared light. I guess the IR sauna is like me with my IR-Light being a Toyota Camry and your IR-Sauna being the S-Class Mercedes Limo :-) )))).

My experiences with heat are excellent - I think its really going to help you gain.

Good luck,


I think you should still have a warmup session in your workout. Exscuse me if you do that but just neglected to put it in there.

Don’t pass out from heat exhaustion doing all of those exercises. And remember to replace all of the water that the sauna sweats out of you.

My advice would be to not touch the IR lamp with either your hand or penis.


Thanks guys, but I know what I am doing! And also do a warmup.

When I get results I will let you guys know!


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