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Testicles Getting Smaller?

Testicles Getting Smaller?

Is there a natural reason for a man’s testicles to shrink? Since I have been pumping, it seems like my testicles have shrunk. But it could be that my “point” of reference has gotten larger. Hehe :)


Never really paid any attention to it till now. Measure your testicles with calipers and see how big they are after PE’ing for about another month; unless you know the size of your testicles before you started PE’ing.

More importantly, do your testicles FEEL the same as they have before? Is it with both testicles or just one? Do you warm up prior to performing your exercises?

You’ve asked a good question. Can anyone else comment on this subject?

I know the size of my testicles fluctuates. Seems like when it has been a day or two since my last ejaculation, they swell up larger, and the day when I cum, they are smaller. They also seem to swell during periods of extended stimulation.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

If your dick is growing it will pull your balls along with it, It was happening to me big time so I started doing nut stretchers and I’m slowing getting them back to normal, I hope to get them on the big side.

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Dino is right. It is probably your tighter nut sack making your nuts look smaller when they aren’t. Do some scrotum stretching each day. If you want, try testicle massaging, some say it actually increases the size of the balls.

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