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Testicle Size Poll


Testicle Size Poll

It would be interesting to see the range of size for testicles on this forum. I read somewhere that average size is about 1.5” X 1”. One can place a finger behind a testicle and press it firmly against the scrotum (sac) and measure its longest length and then measure at right angles to that measurement (since testicles are oval rather than round). Widest point long-wise and longest point wide. Select which ever one you want. I chose my right one which is very slightly larger.

I will start: 2.5” X 1 7/8”
What say ye, lads?

Left: 2 7/8” x 1 5/8”
Right: 3” x 1 5/8”


DAMN! Y’all got some big-ass nuts!

Mine: 2” x 1 1/2 or so…

left: 2x1.2
right: same

I’ve got a “bag of worms” on my left testicle, so it was a bit harder to measure.

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About 2.25” x 1.5”

The art of conversation is not a martial art

Hmmmm, I never measured my nuts before just now:

2.5” x 1.5”

Mine is 2.09 x 1.65…. Looks like i am small in that area……. too :-) )

Dude - your crazy. 5'9" and 165 lbs. (174 cm. and 75 kg.) Come on Crazy, do the workout. Dammit. Need motivation. My rutine. Lenght: Manuel strech, hanging. Grith: Jelc, Sadsak Slinky, Ring. Curve: Jelc and errect bend against the curve ELBP......EG..........Date 7.500.....5.500......2001-07-15 8.250.....5.750......2003-03-15 8.500.....5,750......2003-06-13 - stopped for 2 years 8.250.....5,750......2005-06-13 9.000.....6.500......Goal

Last time I checked, which was a while ago, my right was just over 2, and my left was just under 2, although I think my left has been shrinking, so it could be less by now.

Maybe this is why I don’t “show through” clothes as much as I guess people think I should. My dick has nothing to sit on!

Whoa!!! The left is 3.1” x 1.75” and the right is 3.0” x 1.75”. I measured about half a dozen times to make sure I got it right. I was pretty surprised.

I was interested on what was thought to be the average size so I checked several sites. Here is what I found:

From, they say the average size is 2.0” long and .8” in diameter.

From and, they say the average sized testicle is the size of a small egg.

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R 4” X 2.5”

L 4” X 2.5”

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Originally posted by iamaru
R 4” X 2.5”
L 4” X 2.5”

And you can walk?

Mine are closer to normal.. about 2.5x1.5(one is a little smaller than that)

4.4 cm x 3.8 cm

It seems I’m not that small after all…

4” x 2.5” -.-‘

It seems you have problems to sit with your thighs together… >.>


About 5.5x3cm…



Actually the size differ from time to time, not sure why, but I think the relative level of libido and stress have something to do with it.

Generally they were bigger when I was younger but sometimes they are like in old times, wish it could stay that way though .:(


a 2.5” wide nut is ridiculously huge… something like 8” circumference. Maybe these guys are measuring both at the same time?

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