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Testicle Size Poll


ROFLOL…. I just couldn’t resist.

2and 3/8 by 1.5”s

Running a Massive Co-Front.

not that great

3.2 X 2.2

i have huge balls, god must be playing a cruel joke on me i would have liked a huge dick.

ps:quiz where everyone aimed when i fighted, i had rather painful childhood.

Looking to be a kiwi.

measuring incorrectly

Just a caution to everyone in their measuring. You will get an overly inflated measurement if you measure when your sac is bunched up short and tight. Mine is near 4’ X 2” when I do this. you are not only measuring your testis, but blood vessels, epididymis, vas defrens, congested blood and fluid in the sac skin, and suspensory ligaments. All of that takes up a lot of room. Makes your nuts seem larger than they really are. You must measure when your sac is long and thin. Press the testis to the side and measure. MXL


2.65 and 1.5 heh. They vary in size due to uhh use lol

Originally posted by ChaChaChaChea
2.65 and 1.5 heh. They vary in size due to uhh use lol

Pleezz read da forum guidlinez on speeling nd gramer nd stuff, thanx.

forum guidlines

Running a Massive Co-Front.


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