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Terrible session

Terrible session

Just finished my session for tonight… if you can call it that. After a hot wrap, I do some manual stretches, and usually during these I start getting slightly erect. (Not erect, per se, but “puffed” with blood.. .call it flaccid with added girth.) Anyway, this didn’t happen during stretch time. Then while jelqing, I had serious trouble maintaining an erection of any kind. After about 20 reps, I had to stop and work up to a partial erection again.

After struggling with those, I did some Ulis and Horses… but they also didn’t have their usual good feel. Fortunately, tomorrow is a rest day, since it seems like I need it.

Anyone else have days like this, and what’s your advice to put them behind you as quickly as possible?

…measuring day is fast approaching… hoping for good results.


Yeah, I think most of us get days like that.

In fact during most sessions I have to go back and forth in my head thinking of erotic thoughts then of something the opposite to try and keep my erection percentage where I want it (usually 70 - 90 %)

But sometimes after some intense ulis or horses it is difficult to get back to a near full erection (where I feel I get the most benefit)

My advise to put it behind? Just think, hey tomorrow is another day and remember the good ones.

Good luck.

It happens bro. I get the old “puffed up” flacid while stretching quite a bit,and its a pain in the ass.
I cure this by either doing another hot wrap,or just waiting a bit(getting pissed usually works).
Or last case just say screw it and jelq and squezze for the whole session.

And get used to it..We all have thosse crappy days where an hour workout seems like a waste. Wont be the last. Dont give up!

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I had a session like that last week. I felt the same way that you do now.

Take a day or two off. Don’t masturbate or anything. Then go back to your PE. It should be easy to get a partial erection then.

Yup. I’ve been there, man. I hate when my dick won’t behave. It’ll get hard during stretching, and soft during jelqing. Frustrating. But, for every one time that happens, there are many times that I’m totally in the zone. If you have a shitty workout or no workout on one day, then just reserve yourself to hittin’ it hardcore tomorrow. You’ve got the rest of your life bro… chill. Just don’t give up.

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