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Tensing Up

Tensing Up

After I just finished my PE session today I jacked off, but during it my right vein or tendon that connects to my right testicle started to tens up! It happened only once or twice when I was jacking off. It didn’t hurt terribly but I did feel some discomfort. Afterwards I jumped in the shower and as I was washing my testicles the right vein from my right testicle felt bigger or swollen compared to my left vein that’s connected to my left testicle. My testes don’t hurt but they do feel a little tender. Has this happened to anyone before, or is this normal? I did my routine Like I always do, I did increase everything like the number of seconds of stretching from 30 sec. To 50 sec. And 200 jelqs to 280 jelqs. I also increased the number of kegels I do from 50 to 65 kegels. So is it the PEing that’s making my vein swollen and tens up or is it from Masturbating too much?

Do you mean a vein or the Vas Deferens?

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The Vas Deferens. The Left one.

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