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Temporary Gains?

Temporary Gains?

At last…I’ve FINALLY decided to put some of the information I’ve been reading here into action. I’ve always had an issue with privacy, and that hasn’t changed. My attitude has. This is something I must MAKE time for. Anyway… Last night, I pulled out the power-jelq in the bath and had a go for about 10 minuts or so, and was quite amazed at the size I obtained, roughly 8” stretched. If only it would stay! :) About 4 hours later, I had sex with the gf and noticed I was touching the back wall with relative ease… and my dick *looked* fatter. When we had sex again this morning no such luck, back to it’s old self. My question is this: Is it possible to obtain a temporary gain, because it sure seemed like I did. It wasn’t anywhere near the PJ session size, just seemed a bit bigger. Is this possible?

Also, how come sometimes I manage to hit the back wall and other times it’s nowhere in sight? Surely it’s not down to how turned on she is? Turned on == turned on right?



It could be. Sometimes, I can hit my partner’s “back wall” better than others. I remember reading somewhere about a woman’s cervix moving up as she becomes more aroused. My relationship started not long ago and it seems like she has adapted to me. It feels like I can go deeper before hitting bottom than I did the first time. No virgin either. Maybe my imagination, I don’t know. Anyway, it still feels GREAT! Take it easy.

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