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Temp PE gains = future cemented gains?

Temp PE gains = future cemented gains?

I’m currently 7.5” BPEL. I’ve noticed for the past few weeks that at the end of my PE session, I’m stretched to 7.75” BPEL. I was thinking that these temporary gains could be a window on the future. If I’m stretching to such a length during PE sessions, could that measurement being cemented be too far off in the future? Any thoughts?

There are 2 concepts of PE I perceive that gives us the result of penis growth. The first would be tissue being stretched, which would be temporary, and usually observable at the end of each session. And the second is new tissue growth. What you are experiencing I would categorize as stretching. I don’t believe it is possible to cement your gains from the point at which you get them. By this i mean if you want to end PE with a 8” penis from 7.5 then I would begin “cementing” from a longer length that 8” like 8.3 as to account for the stretched tissue, leaving you with only the newly grown tissue at the end of the process.

Starting BPEL and EG 7 x 5 as of 3/30/07. I'm sure it's bigger now but I'll measure after this tub of vaseline is empty =) of 6/10/07 BPEL 7.25 and EG of 5.6 GOAL: 8 x 6.5...I'm on my way.

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