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Telling someone and convincing them that this stuff works


Telling someone and convincing them that this stuff works

Ok. I know this thread kinda exists already but this is a little different and there is a story. I know this girl. All right we dated for a few months, years and years ago but we have always been open about our sex lives and everything else. We work together.
She had a baby a few years back and I asked her if she thinks her vagina got wider after birth. (I worded it a bit better then that but, you know) She said her boyfriend doesn’t say that it got bigger.(of course he wouldn’t even if it had) She then said that she does exercises to make it tighter and me being a member of the best PE club in the USA, it got my attention. I asked her to go into detail. She started to describe kegels. And I said the word out loud “you mean kegels” she said yea. No doubt she was a little impressed that I knew about this. She told me more. Then after a while I told her ” you know, there is a way to enhance the male member and no its not some dumb pill or anything like that”. She said like kegels. She then told me she walked in on her boyfriend once and he had a towel on his dick and he was hard and was lifting it moving it up and down. I said yea that’s a basic strengthening exercise you can do. I told her about this site. I tried to teach her about jelqing with my finger as an example.( I felt whiping my cock out and doing a full out demonstration was a bit to much) I told her if he does this just 5 mins every other day you will see an immediate overall result. I told her that I hung/hang weights off it. Just like traction for any body part. I told her about clamping and pumping to.
I think at this point she started to not believe me, by the look she gave me. I tried to convince her that its real. Then I got a little defensive saying look I don’t have a little dick( she only saw mine once when we dated I was young and scared of pussy ) I gave her my measurements saying that I’m only trying to get a monster. I told her that in 6 months I almost gained a 1/2 inch in length and a 1/4 inch in girth. I said think, if that keeps up in two years I would have gained two inches in length and 1 inch in girth. But back to the point of this thread if I have one, she doesn’t believe me that this is real. She kind of makes fun of me about it calling it “my little Internet site” when she pokes at me about it.
Or maybe…….. she could never lead her boyfriend to this site because then he would know the awful truth that not only do men want a bigger penis but women want there man to have a bigger penis to. It would most likely crush him as I have read post from men saying that they found this site because there girlfriend said something about there size. She told me that she bought him a cock ring so right there I knew that she wanted more girth. She said the other night “I’m a sucker for girth” she then made a C with her hand. Boy I hope she really doesn’t come to this site or guess my screen name she might get a little pissed I posted this. I did finally tell her that when I get to 8 inches( cause I will ) that I will whip it out one night and she can measure my dick. That will be a fun night at work. Call all the ladies in the back and say look…… look at my massive beast. Then they will all give me head……..WHOA back to reality. Anyway the question is below.

SO MY QUESTION IS, has anyone ever told any friends about this site??? And if so did they believe you or laugh??? Holly crap I ramble in my posts.

After gaining over 1”x1/4” and being sure it was working, I told my two brothers (separately) about thunders. Both are dating women and I figured they, like me, would like a little more length to go with our naturally well-endowed girths. At least one of my brothers has started the newbie routine and reported immediate complements from a female friend of his. He has been very enthusiastic about PE. My other brother hasn’t volunteered any updates on this topic, so I don’t know if he’s started up. I will admit that it felt very weird talking about pulling my pud with my two brothers.

I might also tell a male friend of mine if the right situation arises.

I told my wife after about 2 months of PE work. At that point, I had already noticed that she could not deep throat me any more (she kept trying to get that last 1/2” in but couldn’t) and she felt tighter to me. I wanted her to notice and ask first but one night I was buzzed on wine and I wanted a good reason to whip it out for her. Her reaction was mixed. I think she’s skeptical I can do this without injury but she does seem to be making more noise in bed than before. She also seems to be more often grabbing and waiving him around when he’s fully erect. That makes me feel good.

I’ve thought about telling a very good female friend of mine. She’s not a size queen but she has been open with me about size being a factor. We talk about lots of stuff and it might be fun to disclose this very private part of my life. One day.

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Maybe you shouldn’t be trying to sell her the site, talk to the guy. If i’m right, he’s the one with the cock.

I surf this site with other people around all the time. Everyone here knows that I like porn, cockpumps and PE on the internet. Haha. If people really want a bigger wang, they’ll look for it on their own. Thats what I did.

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I just do not comprehend the urge to volunteer one’s PE endeavours to women that one isn’t married to- in fact, even to a wife; hell, let her notice the difference and ask, THAT is your PE diploma. I mean, do you really want that shit coming up in a divorce deposition?

Now, telling a brother, literal or figurative, is a whole different matter, one that should be approached judiciously as a solemn responsibility. I’ve mentioned it to maybe a half dozen ‘brothers’ over the course of the last six months, always upon their instigation, and always upon oaths of secrecy and pain of death. Some have tried with success, others didn’t, but no one scoffed and all were pleasantly surprised to meet someone who had had actual success with PE.

And I’ll call them liars to their face should they tattle on me, only because it’s up to me who knows I PE.

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Originally Posted by gnomesoldier
If people really want a bigger wang, they’ll look for it on their own. Thats what I did.

They’ll probably find one of the gajillions of spam sites first, if they find this place at all. Maybe you got lucky.

Maybe she got annoyed because you insinuated that her boyfriend had a small cock, and needs to enlarge it. Therefore she’s on the defensive, so to speak, and thats why she’s calling you names.

If people want to get a bigger dick, they’ll find out about PE. It might take them a while to sift through 539564632 Penis Pills sites, but they’ll find it. Eventually.

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Originally Posted by thal
I told her if he does this just 5 mins every other day you will see an immediate overall result.


Running a Massive Co-Front.

SHUT THE FUCK UP!! I’m working my ass off so I can be the biggest she ever been with and you fucking it up.

Just Whip it out and Show Them

I tell everybody. If they give me any shit I just whip it out(: Because I’m always wearing the lead weights I just unzip, let it fall out and swing. I did this with three different female employees I worked with on my last REAL job, now they are members here.

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Originally Posted by Big Girtha
I tell everybody. If they give me any shit I just whip it out(: Because I’m always wearing the lead weights I just unzip, let it fall out and swing. I did this with three different female employees I worked with on my last REAL job, now they are members here.

Sounds like you have no fear of a sexual harassment lawsuit. :sheepdo:

:buttrock: The Peter Dick method :buttrock:

Then, BPEL:7.500"x5.500"

Now, BPEL:8.375"X6.750"


PD: You make a good point. The first woman saw it at work hanging out off my gym shorts accidentally, the other two heard about it through the grapevine and actually asked about it, so I showed them and told them all about the forum. Also my next door neighbor saw my weighted dick fall out of my shorts as I was getting into the hot tub. I told her they were just extra large cock rings, she was quite drunk and laughed about it. But I’m often told by Mrz. G. that maybe I should use a little more discretion in letting it swing loose. I’m just a natural born exhibitionist.


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I was pretty drunk once and told my best friend about this site. He seemed very interested and onec we finally finished walking home drunk he wanted me to sign him up so I tried but I couldn’t figure it out at the time.

Yes. I think they set it up that way, so no one can register while intoxicated.


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