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Telling someone and convincing them that this stuff works


Whoa Whoa…. Whoa. I’m sorry guys. Wow…. I won’t tell anyone about this site. Lets keep it a secret so the funds dry up and it closes down. Or pay a monthly fee for it. I could never talk to one of my guy friends about there penis size though. That’s just me. I mean I talk you guys and you guys are my friends but none of you are coming over this weekend to watch the game play cards and talk about our cocks.(that’s a joke) This forum is a type of indirect communication that I think allows us to speak alot more openly. And the 5 mins thing was meant to be a 5-10 newbie routine. I was trying to sell her on it. I mean if I wasn’t trying to make it bigger I would at least to jelqing for 5-10 mins everyday. If he were looking for only strength and not spending alot of time I think it would work. I’M NOT TRYING TO GIVE HIM A BIGGER DICK, I could care less I was trying to give her a better sex life, because its a topic we talk about often. I didn’t want to tell her it might take 2 hours everyday to make a dick bigger. I just think for the amount of men who order those pills there are a equal amount that don’t that’s alot of men. 45000 members is not a whole lot compared to the amount of men who want a bigger dick. This site was hard to find for me and I was looking for something like it. Go to goggle and type in penis enlargement forum, Thunders was on the 4th page. Type the word free and its on the first page. Didn’t think the best site would be free. I was a member on another forum some guy who knew the most on there was named SUPRA he said he got kicked out of here(which I pray never happens to me) and always posted that he learned everything here.

I think some missed my point/question which I knew was going to happen.(because a ramble and rant) I didn’t care what you thought about my personal story, why she didn’t believe me my question wasn’t do you think I should have even told her or him………I don’t care that I told her. I was wondering if it happen TO YOU, TO YOU. The story was meant to make you think about when/if this has happened to you. Which some people got. I’m sorry for the overall mood and tone of this post I apologize. I get little worked up. I respect all of my PE brothers even if you don’t agree with me or things I do or say. Just some of you got on me about this. I think that if your married to a woman and you can’t talk to her about PE your relationship is not open and honest. I can talk to girlfriends or just girls about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. Every girl I have ever known has been open and honest with me, and I open with them. Oh man there I go rambling again.

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Originally Posted by thal
Every girl I have ever known has been open and honest with me

RFLMAO! Twice.

If you believe this then man have I got some awesome Gulf Coast property for you at a hell of a bargain. Ay, youth.

You received the answers that you did because you DID ask “to you”, as in: “does this ever happen to you”.

And the overwhelming response in one way or the other was: NO, and why the fuck would it.

With the exception of BG, but he’s a guy who goes on vactions just because of the opportunities it provides for him to hang it out at rest stops on the interstate. LOL- just kidding BG.

Seriously, No this doesn’t happen TO ME (ever) because I don’t walk around with some internal desire to confess every aspect of my life to the first person that comes along, or even those I do deem worthy of such info. No, I’ve chosen to receive my strength, validation, and determination for the things that I do from with in. In this case (concerning PE) even the involuntary verbal & physical response from the woman I’m with doesn’t compare to the validation I can give myself for doing it. Although I’ll certainly take those involuntary responses also.

I’ll bet the really harsh words came the next time your name came up in a conversation when little miss open and honest was around:
OMG! Do you girls know what that weird fuck actually told me …….

That wasn’t a look of disbelief on her face, it was the look of WTF?

Ok I wrote this big long response to Rootcap. But I’m not going to post it.(this isn’t that post I deleted it) It wasn’t nice and broke some rules I’m sure. The watch dogs wouldn’t have not liked it. It was really funny though. I was really drunk and got to worked up when I read like two posts scolding me for telling someone. Everyone has the right to say what the hell they want. This is America damn it. If I don’t agree I should never even post anything. I welcome all responses. The responses were not all no. But about 70/30 maybe 80/20. It was uncalled for and unnecessary. Look women are honest with me. My pillow talk is unsurpassed.(that’s a joke) I know women lie. Everyone lies. But every girl I have known confesses shit to me that they have never told another sole. My guy friends are the same way. I can talk to people. I think I’m a real easy person to talk to about real life issues. Come to think of it I could talk to my guy friends about this. Because I look at it like everyone has secrets everyone has shit they have done or doing that they’re not proud of or want to keep on the DL. We only get one life. And it could all end tomorrow. A short 75 years to make our mark. To live and love, to have friends and talk about life. So Rootcap or anyone else I’m sorry that you think I’m a weird fuck. Oh well I am the fucking weirdest fucking fuckers there is!!!! I tell a female friend of 10 years that I do something a little strange.( I’m 25 Rootcap ) And shes tell me about what she hates and loves about her life, how she masturbates and what kind of dildo she uses.(no shes not a ho) She can just talk to me about anything and I the same in return. Oh and don’t call her little miss open or I’ll come across the Atlantic and I’ll little Mr. open a can of whoop ass on you froggy.(calm down remember yoga) You got a little to personal for someone that I wasn’t even talking to. Breath calm. But for real if you think I’m a weird fuck that means you think we are all weird fucks. You yourself think that you are a weird fuck. Because every time you post you tell someone that you do PE.

And look call me about the Gulf Coast property because I all ready bought this really nice bridge from this guy who sold me some these magic beans.(because OMG that was like so cleaver…… I never heard that one before) Hey Root just spend your life running and hiding from the truth and never break on through.

>The watch dogs wouldn’t have not liked it.<


opps double negative it was early I was on my way to work and in a hurry. Would’ve not liked it. My bad. Screw it anyway, in the future I’m only going to post stuff like, did I hang these weights right and do these gains look right. No more questions or posts about anything else. Only bussiness from me for now on.


Don’t stop posting stuff, do proof read a bit more. At the best of times we are all fair game and get a mixed bag of good advise and goofy crap. Your posts have been a tad bit rambling which does tend to up the goof crap to good responses ratio. :)

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Originally Posted by RootCap
RFLMAO! Twice.

I’ll bet the really harsh words came the next time your name came up in a conversation when little miss open and honest was around:
OMG! Do you girls know what that weird fuck actually told me …….

I was not calling you a weird fuck!

I was implying in a hypothetical 3rd person sense, what she may or may not say to her group of friends when she feels safe enough to do so and wants to take somebody else down to make herself bigger within her little group of girls. I’ve had girls tell me all sorts of personal and private manner of things as well. Doesn’t mean the same girl wouldn’t tell me a bold face lie if it served her motives. Who am I anyways? Her confessor, or Jesus Christ? People CHOOSE what they tell other people. And it doesn’t mean that I’d be able to tell the difference if she did, it is entirely posssible that someone could tell me a lie and I not know the difference. Children teach you this.

If the nature of the relationship that you have with this woman is such that you discuss these things then go for it.
But maybe you should read this the next time you’re sober:

You asked a question and requested responses. You received them.
I still think that discussing my PE with any woman is an invitation for critique, criticism, and disapproval and /or failure,
inspite of the context of the conversation. I just don’t do it. To each their own.


I have been lurking for a while now and actually had a sign in name when I first started visiting here a year and a half ago. I have been busy over the last year and changed e-mails, moved etc.. Needless to say I forgot my sign in and password and I don’t have access to my old e-mail anymore hence the new identity and noob appearance. Anyways, another site which I visit often which is a predominantly male site dedicated to fitness and nutrition and just plain being guys, had the whole penis pills discussion not too long ago. Well to my surprise one member mentioned thunders place and a few others chimed in and said they also were members here. Anyways you guys probably got a good hit of traffic off that site in the past two weeks. I have even gotten private messages from people saying things like “so it really does work?”.

Well I guess I just had a story about PE and thunders in particular getting mentioned and wanted to share. If any of you are interested in reading the thread it’s at there is a breakout of forum sections on the left, check under the sex and male animal one (penis pills thread). That part of the site is the most fun anyways.


>I have been lurking for a while now and actually had a sign in name when I first started visiting here a year and a half ago.<

What was the name?


I honestly don’t remember, mostly all my sign in names have something to do with vegita (yea yea so I’m still a kid at heart) I’m guessing it might have been something along a similar name as I have now, but obviously not identical. Maybe I’ll run across an old post of mine and it will jog my memory some day. I wasn’t really all that active then either, just more or less lurking and learning.


PE has damaged my sex life.

Originally Posted by GigatosaurusRex

PE has damaged my sex life.


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Originally Posted by GigatosaurusRex
PE has damaged my sex life.

Did you make it too big, so it can’t fit in a pussy anymore?

:buttrock: The Peter Dick method :buttrock:

Then, BPEL:7.500"x5.500"

Now, BPEL:8.375"X6.750"

I’m not sure it really works. I haven’t tried it. I’m not sure 45 minutes a day of penis exercises and hanging weights from my penis for 2 years is worth it. I lift weights 4 to 5 times a week and look forward to time in the gym, but that is something that has benefits beyond pure vanity.

I’m no ‘sausage king’, so I might give it the old college try. I’m not really sure what I’ll do with my new and improved spam javelin once it’s reached it’s critical mass though. Hopefully I won’t have to go out and buy new underwear though.. :)

And no, I wouldn’t have a problem telling someone (male/female) that my enhanced meat truncheon is the result of hard work work and dedication. I’d view it the same way as how you’d explain to someone why you have six (eight?) pack abs or bulging biceps.

Oh, and don’t think that I’m putting anyone else down, because of my suspicion or my reasoning for not spending 45 minutes a day on my trouser snake. I don’t have a problem with people trying to make the most of their body. It’s why I work out. Sure, vanity and looking good plays a small part, but the underlying reason is that I want to be the healthiest, strongest and fit I can be (within natural limits). If having a 9” cock is within your grip (;) ) and there aren’t health risks, I say go for it. BTW, why does everyone pick 9”? Is that the number that a panel of women (on Oprah possibly?) got together and agreed what the optimum willie length? Also, reading a few of the “before” measurements.. It appears you’re already well above the average.


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