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Tell me about your "Jelq Device" routine

Tell me about your "Jelq Device" routine

Is anybody using one of these?

I put one together about a year and a half ago from the instructions I found on thunders

Homemade Power Jelq, a Jelq Device

Or the original thread by mm:

Homemade Power JELQ

I never used it much, I didn’t really quite get how to use it. I’m curved to the left so it sort of seemed like I fell out of it every other stroke. That could have been because I had the rollers on the top and bottom of my unit. Maybe it should have been on the left and right of my unit.

I’ve restarted PE recently and like the idea of having some variety in my workouts.

I’ve done some searching, but I was wondering what the latest thought was about these — How do you use this thing?

Looks like these things are out of style around thunders.

I just found a PDF manual with suggested routines:…le_routines.pdf

I may be crazy but I think the model demonstrating the exercises used to post at thunders back when I joined. I want to say his name was something like BrianRex?

At any rate, it is good to know there are jobs out there for us when we graduate from Thundersplace.

Yes indeed, his name was BrianRex. He did the ads for the Powerjelq. I chanced to see him on another website some time ago under another name (not BrianRex), but have forgotten where that was or what he called himself. Should have taken notes!

Whenever I jelq, I use mine. My penis is oval-shaped (fairly flat on the top) and so I have little difficulty keeping within the rollers. I find that if I use too much lube, I tend to slip out sideways more often. I cannot use it on the sides at all, due to slippage as it twists my shaft


Ah, thanks, Damfino. So I am not crazy then. (well at least about that being a thundersplace member in the manual)

Thanks for the lube tip. I’m also wondering what kind of erection level you are using. I was harder than the illustrations, I’m thinking my left curve would not be a problem if I was say like 50% erect. Then I wonder if I would get anything out of it at that low erection level.

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