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Targeting the CS


Targeting the CS

What are your favorite exercises to target growth of the CS? Do you have better luck squashing it as with a power jelq device, or special jelqs or what? It sometimes seems to be easier to overwork the CS and have it not respond with as much plumpness in the erection.

Good question and I don’t know the answer

Bumping an old thread. My CS is almost nonexistent. I’ve been jelqing for about 8 months and clamping for about 3. I have a 2 inch width though.

Girth exercise. You would use the cable clamp or Uli thing. Jelqing. Anything that inflated the CS and fatigue/tear/stretch the tissue.

There isn’t anything that could isolate the CS. The CC’s and CS would inflate together.

If your CC’s already tower over your CS there is not much you can do about that from what I know.


I suspect Bugs Bunny is right on that.

I think clamping may help with this.

Swinglow, the best things for the CS are Sadisky Slinky’s and Horse 440 exercises. I attribute most of my girth gains, about 0.75” to date, to these exercises. I use a modified version of the Sadisky Slinky as follows: not only do I perform the bend starting from the base towards the head, but I gradually start the bend higher and higher up my cock as I perform more repetitions. I find that the best expansion happens near the start of the bend. PM me if you have more questions.


Improving your life, one pelvic thrust at a time!

Oh, and I just started clamping. It works well, but in the beginning it is very easy to overdo your unit. I would recommend starting with Horse 440/Sadisky Slinky and then progressing into clamping.

Improving your life, one pelvic thrust at a time!

Here’s something I’ve been toying with recently: during a good edging session, instead of exclusively clamping, press the first two fingers of your hand firmly over you CS quite far down near the base of the penis, with your thumb on the topside at base. Whilst in this position, gently jerk the grip up and down a half inch or so, with more emphasis on the upward motion.

Gradually the CS will fill with blood to an almost clamp-like pressure, but on a totally manual level. I’ve been incorporating that with some ballooning techniques and apart from good expansion, it feels fantastic.

This technique is a step down from clamping but worth trying all the same. Maybe a good preparation for those looking to get into clamping too.

"Drilla Knows Ass" - Para-Goomba

Starter Pics/Clamping Pics

I know what drilla means. You can control the part of your cock that you feel the pressure in while jelqing depending on motion and where you put the pressure.

I would do what he says, get a tight grip and make sure to clamp tight on the bottom side of your cock at the base. Then when you jelq sort of try to rotate your hand up towards your face while moving it forwards. Try it out, you’ll get a feel for it once you do it.

I can’t say you’ll gain from this, and I don’t think I actually have (I never really do it though), but you definitely can feel pressure in the lower chambers of your cock.

I would like to target the CS also. The part of the CS I would like to target is from the midshaft to near the glans. From the midshaft to the base it’s quite fat. But it dissappears and is the reason my girth near the glans is 0.4 less then at midshaft. I think it will be very hard to ever target this properly and isolate it. I won’t even be doing girth work probably until I reach length goal. But drilla’s post seems like a good idea for when the time comes. Or a variation of it, with some experimenting. This is a hard topic to search for and find information about.

Since the CS and the head are a connected system that is actually separate from the CC, I would think horse440’s would primarily expand the CS. When I start girth work, I’m going to clamp and then gently squeeze the blood out of my head and back into the CS and hold it there for the last few minutes of each set.


If I could only get some more CS!

So I was looking at my penis today while I had a little erection going and I noticed something. My Penis from the top view looks pretty pig, but if you look at it from the sides it looks skinny. So I decided to measure my width. I have a 2” width but only a 4.875” MSEG. Anybody else here with the same dilemma?

I just wish my CS would balloon up for me haha. I would probably have a 5.25” MSEG if I had a proportionate CS to my CCs.

Did anybody start with little to no CS and develop a nice bulging CS? If so was there an exercise you felt did it the best for you?

Starting 10/08 - 7.125" EL x 4.5" MSEG

As of 12/08- 7.5" EL x 4.75" MSEG

As of 1/19/08 - 7.75" bpel(previous 7.5" was due to inaccurate ruler) x 4.875" MSEG

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