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Talking with a girl about the average size

Talking with a girl about the average size

I was joking around with this girl I know on the weekend, she had this stuffed toy monkey she won at the fair, and then I was joking around about having a really big monkey, then I was like “Well, bigger than the average monkey anyways…”

So she than says, “well you know the average is only like 5.3” “
I was like “Uh, I don’t think so, I think it’s more like 6”
She replies “I read a study that said the average was 5.3 for white guys, 4 for asian men, and black guys are like 10-11”
I laughed and said “That’s SO not true.”

It’s funny that people can have such distorted views, I’ve read over and over that the average is 6, and that race has very little to do with it. What most people don’t know is that because of the way DNA works and blood types and what not, I CAN possibly have more genetically incommon with someone who is black than someone who is white.

So there’s all these statistics out there blurting out all kinds of crazy crap, and no one out there has a consistant idea of what’s real. If the average black man was really 10-11” I think I’d see alot more big black dicks in porn, however I find alot of porn guys (black & white) have penis’ not much bigger or even slightly smaller than mine.

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Oh, and I’ll also add that this girl I know is fairly well experienced, and I’m sure has seen more than her share of penis. So for her to believe this really suprizes me.

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Red, if she were the type of adult who played with more mature toys - like say, Pokemon cards or SpongeBob SquarePants figurines, I would be concerned - but a preference for stuffed monkeys is a pretty good sign that her reasoning is flawed.

Originally Posted by Redwood1981
She replies “I read a study that said the average was 5.3 for white guys, 4 for asian men, and black guys are like 10-11”

Well since there are no black people in Canada, you and I don’t have to worry about these monsters spoiling our women.


Originally Posted by Redwood1981
She replies “I read a study that said the average was 5.3 for white guys, 4 for asian men, and black guys are like 10-11”

If that were true, J-Lo would never have have left P-Diddy for that white boy. And ALL the white girls would be dating black guys. ;)

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But they are all dating black guys, they’re just really good at keeping it a secret.

The way I see it, 1n 11” cock is like Indian food.

Not everyone can handle it.

11” cocks cause heartburn.

Porn is more about lasting then size imo. Porn they wnat guys slightly over average and plesent looking and cna last very long. Girls in porn tend to not be aroused as much and theire vaginas don’t expand therefore it actually would be harder to work with very large cocks as we see sometimes.

Hmmm, I’ve read that the average size ranges from 5.5” to 6”. So she might not be THAT far off. On the other hand, if she’s experienced and had her share, well, she should have a pretty good idea.

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Maybe all she has experienced is 5.3!

Although I never been with a woman I would definately have to say to never raise the question unless you are completely comfident in your own penis. This question has great potential at reducing one’s self esteem.

Wow. A virgin. Welcome, to T’s place noshi. Has your abstinence been a matter of choice? And you are right. If one can’t, “handle the truth” one shouldn’t ask. Personally I get off on asking ever woman I’m ever with that question.

Redwood, as it has been said many times before on this forum, women are really bad at judging penis size, no matter how experienced they are. Most women seem to agree on the theory that there are only three sizes: Small, Big and Oh my God!

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I always wonder where you people find these women who talk about cock sizes.

Me my self have never met one who talks about them(maybe a brief comment about it and the veins :/ ), but you people have ex girlfriend who have talked about their ex’s huge dong and told that “its okay that you have small little pee wee, i like it that way”

And that 10-11 is just bullshit its more like 14-18

Looking to be a kiwi.

Well I’m not insecure about my size, maybe I’m not huge, but I have some nice equiptment and all the girls I’ve been with have loved it. I also have a very attractive looking penis I’ve been told. I didn’t really bring it up per say, but I was drunk and was joking around, also this is not a girl I’m interested in, nor did I ask her personally about the cocks she’s experienced. She just happend to mention to me what she thought was the average size, when I happend to say I was above average. And if the average was really 5.3 then I guess I’d be huge, and you guys over 8” would be jumbo.

I find alot of girls in my travels that will talk about cocks, maybe this has to do with the types of girls I like to associate with.(not size queens, but girls who like sex alot are generally more open to talking about it.)

Personally I think 11” or more is over kill, I’m only aiming for large but still practical. But apparently there is a guy in town here with an 11”, this other girl I know told me about it, though how it was measured or if it was even meassured I don’t know. Now that it’s been mentioned, I actually do find it strange how I always end up in conversations with girls about penis’ it’s crazy. But I talk alot about sex, so I guess sex eventually leads to penis.

BTW I think a girl who plays with monkeys has got to be wild! LOL

I think there are like 1 or 2 black families in my city, so to see black people here is rare, but I’ve lived in some bigger cities in Canada and black people are very common to see. But as for the penis thing they really have an on going myth about them, which I think was on Opera one time, it was black guys who are sick of the expectations of having a big penis. But I think being tall puts similar expectations on me.

:flame: "If you build it, they will cum."

Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

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