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Talking in person with someone about PE?


Talking in person with someone about PE?

Have you ever done it? Do you encourage it?

I think it is a good thing but I have never done it. The only time I would ever do it is if they brought it up.

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The search NO longer continues. :)

Just watch who you talk to about it, anyone with a big mouth = bad.

Yea, agreed.maybe a best friend. I wouldn’t tell any girls.

NO way.

My lady.

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.

I told my current GF…

I started PE 6 months after we started dating (we are now on our 3rd year together). She has witnessed all of my gains. Last year she started worrying that PE is going to make me infertile so I stopped telling her what I am doing. Funny thing is that she actually believes me that this new girth I am gaining is natural. I told her how I think my hormones are messed up and it must be causing my girth gains. Even more amazing is how I sneak out of bed at 6 in the morning and jelq for an hour in the tub and she doesn’t suspect a thing :up:

I kinda wish I didn’t tell her about PE. But hey, I am pretty sure I am going to marry her someday and she is my best friend, so why not. I am at the point where I don’t care if she tells her friends… what is she going to say?

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My partner knows.. She watches me while I jelq, pump, stretch and clamp and is fascinated by the differences each makes to my unit.. It certainly makes it easier to do this stuff without sneaking about.

I told my girlfriend of four years about a year into the relationship. She doesn’t believe me, but why should she? I took a break from PE about a week before we met, and I haven’t PE’ed in an organized fashion since. As a result, I will prove her that it works when I grow my 8 x 5.25 into my goal of 9 x 6.

Originally Posted by braindrain
Funny thing is that she actually believes me that this new girth I am gaining is natural. I told her how I think my hormones are messed up and it must be causing my girth gains.

It is natural. It is as natural as lifting weights and getting bigger muscles.

Does anyone look at someone who has earned larger muscles from weightlifting and looked down on them because they weren’t born that way?

They earned those muscles. You earned that bigger penis.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

One of the mods here is a good friend of mine. We meet for lunch and talk about PE and about life. That makes it easy, both of us being into PE.

I agree with R G above. Just choose carefully whom you decide to share with and it should be OK.



I talk to all my lovers about it. They all find it fascinating that I gained so much and it’s STILL SMALL. Just kidding.

I am completely comfortable talking about it to people.. I’d tell anyone about it if it came up. I personally don’t see why there’s not a Men’s Health kind of magazine dedicated to PE and/or why it’s not more mainstream.

Every guy should know about it.

I’ll bab-a-babble-babble all day about how great it is.

Guys who don’t know about it tend to be fascinated.. or.. if they secretly think they have a small one and that they could benefit from it, they’ll get real quiet and shady when it’s brought up.


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My girlfriend. My cousins and close friends. No big deal. I actually seek to share it with them. It’s such a great thing they’re missing out on.

I owed my best mate a favour so I told him about PE! He is currently on this website!

He did me a favour no questions asked, I gave him an extra inch or two!

I only tell my girlfriends that I’m sleeping with about it. They loved my thickness before i started PE, and now that I”m growing longer now and going deeper and deeper they’re noticing it and cumming easier, faster, and more often. The idea that they’re having sex with somone with a really big cock is very exciting to them because they know that they’re reaping the benefits of it, as well as me! :D

I have a good friend that I would like to tell but can’t yet think of a way to approach it.

He is very “scientific,” so his first reaction will be “THAT’S RIDICULOUS. Penis enlargement is impossible.”

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