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Talking in person with someone about PE?

I would NEVER tell another guy about it, unless he was a true friend that was interested in growing and not just trying to poke fun at it.

I would never tell a guy about it unless I knew them very well and they confided in me that they wish their junk was bigger. Even then I would try not to talk about it afterwards. I don’t think I’d feel too comfortable instructing my friend on how to pull and tug on his penis.

Originally Posted by santa claus

I would never tell a guy about it unless I knew them very well and they confided in me that they wish their junk was bigger. Even then I would try not to talk about it afterwards. I don’t think I’d feel too comfortable instructing my friend on how to pull and tug on his penis.

You don’t have to. Just direct him here, and don’t tell him your user name. It would be up to him to do the rest.

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I totally made the mistake of telling my roommate about it. The only reason I told him is because he saw me with my rice sock for a warm down. AGH! Plus, he asked about my golf weights I left lying around in the bathroom. So I thought I would tell him just straight up to let him know what I’m up to. HUGE Mistake!! I thought it was all good, until one day he seemed lonely so I asked if he wanted to go out to eat with me and this girl I just started to date. He was sad because he just broke up with his girlfriend a couple weeks earlier. While the three of us were driving to the restaurant, the girl(current girlfriend) referred to my truck as “buddy”. She likes to act like a little kid and give things names. He laughed and said “Buddy Rice sock”, I could of killed him. I just laughed it off. I just started to date this girl and I really liked her. Luckily though she did not even ask what he meant, but I could of died when he said that. So, I learned a lesson, don’t tell anyone unless your a 100% sure they’re cool!

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Been there cub_bear.

Originally Posted by sta-kool
He is very “scientific,” so his first reaction will be “THAT’S RIDICULOUS. Penis enlargement is impossible.”

That doesn’t sound scientific to me at all.

I have two male friends that I have clued in; neither does PE. I have two size queen friends that know. Both have on more than one occasion been pissed that they couldn’t come up with a non offensive way of letting an otherwise wonderful guy know about this place.

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I never talked to anyone about it. You never know how people will take you as after you tell them.

My younger brother found my hanger under my computer table and asked me about it, God, i was so embarassed about it!! I don’t know, maybe he suspect something. But I’ll never know since we didnt talk about it afterwards.

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I told my wife.

For me to tell another guy would have to be a very very unique situation.

I’m a punk attitude wise, so I don’t give two shits about it. I’ve told a few friends, my gf, a few other girls. No one has reacted in any weird way, some have been supportive, others laughed but then got curious, none practice it.

I get made fun of all the time for lifting weights from my alco-narco buddies. Do I give a shit? No. I make fun of them about far more serious things in life, so I don’t see how I can take offense from anyone about anything.

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Wishing and hoping for the best - yup your doing it wrong.

I tell who ever. If dick size comes up in a group I just say “I don’t care about anyone Else’s but I started at the top of average and now a little above since I grew it” if they ask beyond I tell them more. If they don’t oh well. I’ve maybe told 50ish people and never once been made fun of. My girl will joke about how its weird to wonder if anyone else we know is “Sitting at home watching TV with there man as he hangs weights off his ding dong.”

Don’t tell anything. Nobodies as cool as you think.

If you have a good friend you want to tell then you have maybe, seen his dick at some time or another.. Iff it is in the shower room and he happens to glance at it you caould always just say
‘all due to a PE site. If he is curious then just drop a few more hints auntil you feel it is time to tell him the facts.

If he is smaller than you he is unlikely to broach the subject verhally. So you have to look out for interest shown. Then do it in a slightly joking/offhand manner.

But, it is difficult to start.

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I’ve told my brother and a good friend, and this friend’s girlfriend. However, we’re all pretty open and not bound by traditional conservative morals, so this kind of topic comes up all the time. For reference, anyone in my senior high school class who wanted to know my size knew it as my girlfriend was quite open about it. On my 19th birthday they had a surprise party, which included cutting a bunch of ribbons at precisely a certain length.


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Once, to a urologist when I was trying to diagnose and treat a problem. That was my one exception and will never tell anyone again.

Originally Posted by braindrain
I told my current GF..

I started PE 6 months after we started dating (we are now on our 3rd year together). She has witnessed all of my gains. Last year she started worrying that PE is going to make me infertile so I stopped telling her what I am doing. Funny thing is that she actually believes me that this new girth I am gaining is natural. I told her how I think my hormones are messed up and it must be causing my girth gains. Even more amazing is how I sneak out of bed at 6 in the morning and jelq for an hour in the tub and she doesn’t suspect a thing :up:

I kinda wish I didn’t tell her about PE. But hey, I am pretty sure I am going to marry her someday and she is my best friend, so why not. I am at the point where I don’t care if she tells her friends.. What is she going to say?

She probably knows and does not mind a bit. After all she is benefiting from your PE work.

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