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Talking about PE...

Talking about PE...

Well, as I continue to get gains the reality of PE has set in… IT WORKS. Now, it is kind of fun telling ex-girlfriends but I find myself wanting to let my good buddies know that they can GROW it :D Call it a public service announcement. Gotta say that if I didn’t know and a buddy did… I would be very grateful for the knowledge. The problem is, this is not a common conversation point. I know full and well that most guys want a bigger dick. I also know that a few short months ago I wouldn’t have believed this could work. I stumbled accross it, believe it or not, while researching my last girlfriends very rare medical condition. I found a PE site and thought “what the hell”. NOW I KNOW. I feel a certain obligation to let my buddies know as well. Of course the probable response is going to be BULL $HIT. Never-the-less, I kind of feel guilty NOT informing them of the facts. At least on this board we can talk openly about the subject. To be honest I never expected to give this much thought to the subject. Anyone told their buddies?

You couldn’t pay me to tell my buddies—— shit!!! Let’em find out on their own. It would be nice to know (if it came down to it) that you was the one dropping a fence post in any common pu$$y between yall. Why PE if everyone in town gets to add two inches to their cock also. Heck, just quit now, save the info and save the time working out. I want the playing field leaning to my side, I’ve had to many friends dick me around. “Lord watch my friends, because I can take care of my enemies” it would be rough if his was already bigger, then you quit in two weeks and two years later he says you were right, look at this and he lays a 10” beside your 7”. But I would tell you guys anything new I learned because we’re not in the same backyard.

Just my opinion
BIG Future


I have told a total of about 3 of my friends.

one of them believes me, is totally obsessed with my cock, but can’t be bothered to take the exercises up for himself even though I’ve offered to give him all the info.

another of them doesn’t believe me at all, even though I’ve asked him why it is over 2cm longer than it was a year ago, he just says “erection size differs from day to day”

and another of my friends I told is interested on getting started, but I haven’t seen him in a while…..

so there you go, mixed bunch I guess. Depends on the type of friend, and what they have downstairs (and upstairs!) to begin with….


Dont tell your friends this gives you an edge from the pool of women that you all fish in “you got the biggest worm to catch the best fish”. The only way I would tell a friend about PE is that I knew he had a small penis and it was an issue that was making him very unhappy and I thought PE might help him. Also I guess if you were gay and you wanted a guy that you were with to have a bigger tool for your enjoyment.


nuttin to worry bout mate… none of my friends anywhere near my size anyways, no amount of PE will see them catching up LOL

Im a nice guy :D

Nope, not tellin!

I couldn’t even begin to think of how to tell a friend about this if I were to. I now know it works after 5-6 weeks and can’t wait to see what 5-6 months brings.

You guys crack me up. Competitive to the end.

I think the general responses we get on this board (and others on virtually any subject) is that most people enjoy sharing positive information with others. Why is it then that we have this wall with our friends? Kind of like the way most will take some strangers advice (take PE for example) yet if their friend tells them they often do not even believe them. If they do they often become jealous and/or competitive.

Heck, the average guy is packing around 6x5 EL/EG. Most think that this is too small. Most women can easily handle 7x6. I am guessing anything over 8x7 starts scaring the shit out of them :D

I don’t know about the rest of you but most of my buddies are married and the chance of them competing with me for the same pussy is remote. I would just feel good knowing that they had better self esteem and their wives (also friends of mine) are enjoying life more.

Oh yeah, I will be VERY pleased with 7x5.5 NBPEL/EG. Sure I will take a little more (give em a scare!) but happy none the less. If one of my buddies ends up with more… good for him. Trust me, my woman will not be changing beds over that news :)

I agree with you. I’ll tell anyone who wants to know or seems to need to know. Sharing such potentially profoundly helpful information is a joy.

I did tell a friend and he said he wouldn’t do it. No real reason given. He seemed a little uneasy about the whole idea. Even though I told him I doubled my flaccid length and gained an inch in erect length. I told him if he had enough to push a woman’s guts up to her throat then fine forget about it. He said no that wasn’t it he just didn’t want to do it. I even offered to tell him about some of the forums and websites, but still “no”. I tried to mention it to a couple of others, but they all seem brain dead. Being the negative creature that I am I feel the world is full of idiots anyway, so from now on I’m keeping this SACRED information between me and you guys and gal. Let the morons keep their short skinny dicks.



Today I will take negative thoughts and turn them into positive and productive actions. 7.00 BP x 4.75 GOAL 9.0 x 6.5

Well, all you can do is mention it. My guess is most guys want to act proud. If they act uninterested, so be it. They will probably look it up on their own and never tell you. That’s fine. They will be secretly very happy you gave the endorsment.

On the flip side of being helpful (and if the person you informed acts like a, well, a DICK) you may at some point find yourself in the position (say if you are ever at a swimming pool with their wife around) to “accidentally” flash her. If done with skill you could leave a lasting “impression”. Can’t you just hear the behind closed doors comment “gee honey, I accidentally saw your buddies dick, and WOW, he is hung… :D

I REALLY did accidently flash my girlfriends mom in college. A buddy and I had stopped by her house, it was summer, we were sitting in the backyard, my girlfriend on my lap, and apparently my dick hanging… ok, showing, between my shorts and leg. I didn’t realized it till later when my buddy laughingly told me. Ah yes, college days, to be 19 again (and know about PE!!!)

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