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Take More Time Off!


Take More Time Off!

Have you guys noticed that in the beginning, you probably achieved fast growth, but in the later months, you hit a plateu? I recently read something interesting from about body building.

“The thing to remember is that your optimum training frequency is changing all the time. When you first start training, you can probably work out three times per week and fully recover between workouts. But as you get stronger, you begin to hoist some really heavy iron and it takes longer to recover from those workouts.

So the answer to your questions is “yes.” After training a few weeks, the guy who sticks with three times per week is going to make zero progress while the guy taking time off to fully recover is going to make steady progress. “

I also noticed this. When I first began jelqing, I gained almost half an inch, and then, I hit a plateu for a couple weeks. Just recently, I began a 1-day on, 2-3 days off routine, and I’ve gained more than 1/4” in a 2 weeks.

So if you all of sudden begin slow growth, or stop all-together, try changing your routine so that you get more days off. The more advanced you are into PEing, the more days you’ll probably need off. Just my theory. Hope this helped.

I think you make a good point here. I have read guys having good success when they bust up their routine and do not get in a rut.

I have read positive results from those who take extended breaks and then start again.

Wish I could provide more concrete facts, but it seems to make sense.

be back soon


What’s your routine like? And what was your routine like before the past two weeks?

My routine was:
5 minutes or more warm-up,
5 minutes of manual stretching (Including DLD Blaster)
400 2-Second Wet Jelq Stroke

My routine now is:
5 Minutes or more warm-up
5 minutes of manual stretching (DLD Blaster)
200 4-or-more second Wet Jelq Strokes

I use to jelq everyday a couple weeks after I started, and then I didn’t notice any growth, so I went on a one-on-one off schedule, and still no growth. Then I started the 2 or 3 times a week schedule, and I gained about 1/4” in 2 weeks. I also noticed that doing less but longer jelqing strokes makes my dick feel like it’s had more of a work-out than with the 400. I measured last Monday, then again on Thursday right after I jelqed, and I had gained .2” in just 3 days. Hope this helps.

This does help a little. I tried a one on-two off in October and noticed no growth. I am doing a one on-one off this month. Next month, I might try your routine if I gain little or nothing. I think I am going to also incorporate longer jelq stroke into my routine.

After 25 years of wondering why I have a 5-day weight lifting muscle recovery time, this is quite a revelation.

I just thought I was different from others—weird because I couldn’t get by with lifting Monday, Wednesday, Friday, like coach thought I should.

Similarly, I know now that I can’t get by with PE-ing 5 or 6 days per week without soreness and injury. Still, I sure wish I could, though! :)

Time off is good

SUPERSLOW weightlifting is something I do only once a week. I need a full week to recover from doing extremely slow “weightlifting” for only 20 to 30 minutes.

I do have a problem extrapolating this to JELQING totally since we are not dealing with muscles, but just tissue.

But I do jelq only every other day now since I do SUPERSLOW jelqing. It is very intense and similar to the intensity I apply to my SUPERSLOW weightlifting. Since I am using NAUTILUS=like equipment I try not to say “weightlifting,” but i do lift my body weight when i do dips.

I will have to try DLD’s routine. Looks different.

I think there could be a connection in that if a person has a long recovery time as a muscle builder, the same might well be true for his jelqing.
See, I figured that I could just jump in and start jelqing 5 or 6 days straight the way some guys say they do. I should have known better. My recovery time has always been pretty slow, and sure enough, even 3 days in a row just about killed my dick. I still can’t do that…

For me, I’ve suspected that the right amount of recovery time is actually more of a key issue to my success than the specifics of how I’m PE-ing.
I know that a dick isn’t muscle, yet it is basically protein material that we are breaking down in order for it to rebuild bigger.

I think this is one of the most important part of an exercise. Many of the pay pe website say you cannot rest for no more than 1 or 2 days a week. Right now I’m on that program. I’m 5 days straight with the weekend off. Most people seem to notice changes after the 3 months. Then I go to another pe forum and most people are doing 1 on 1 off or 1 on 2 off with fast gains in a matter of a few weeks. It seems to make sense that you should give more rest days for your penis to heal. I’ll give my routine a try and if it doesn’t work i’ll do a 1 on 2 off in a couple months.


What forum is that?

Tity Whity, do you hang? WTF

Want some candy?

This is the forum i was talking about.

The owner of the group Matt recommends to do a 1 on 1 off schedule. A lot of people follow that routine.


Do you find this forum interesting?

I haven’t checked it out yet, though I can’t stand the colour scheme, makes it really hard to read.

Also that’s the guy that was talking about that 72 Hour Plan, right? That plan seemed to me rather dubious, don’t you think?

Drone - No, I don’t hang. I only use my hands ;) .

I used to be a member of Cheeky, and I don’t recommend them. I started a thread informing people about, and Matt banned me from the forums permanently. Matt also highly recommends joining, and links to, which also highly advertises I think they’re all working together to promote the pay site.

Yes, he is the guy that has the “72 Hour Plan”, but he will not reveal it until a few members have gone past 1,000 posts. I believe that this guy is a fake, and is paid by to promote their site.

Originally posted by TityWhity
I started a thread informing people about, and Matt banned me from the forums permanently. Matt also highly recommends joining, and links to, which also highly advertises

That is so stupid. I hate it when people lie to other people like that. I guess he deleted your post immediately.

Maybe I should subscribe to this forum and send private messages to all the members telling them this guy is a fake and to come and join us. Though he might try to kill me for that :D

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