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Take More Time Off!


Before I came to this forum I went to cheekycherry and he sure fooled me into paying for one of those pe sites. Everything that was discussed on the pay site was already known in his forum and thunders forum. Nothing new. He’s also promoting miracle pills that he thinks works :rolleyes: Aside from that, whether this guy is a fake or not ppl have been making progress with his 1on 1 off routine.

Yeah, but the information that he gives is already given for free by paysites. For example, has a section showing people how to jelq, but it’s the free stuff. He’s made sure to limit the amount of content he gives out.

Breaker - Heh, I’d love to see that. He probably would try to kill you though, but it’d be too funny to see his members leave. I’m gonna try that on another computer, heh. I guess he doesn’t like the thought of a way better site running him over or losing the control that he has.

It's Food For Thought!

The idea of resting between each PE workout day is interesting from the standpoint of allowing sufficient healing/rebuilding time. However, if the object is to keep the micro-tares stressed so that there is not just simple healing, but also continual expansion of the tissue mass prior to that healing…then I don’t know about this theory.

It may well be that it is just a matter of “different strokes for different folks”. Some may show better gains with 1 on 1 off and others may do better with a multiple day PE program, followed by a day or two of rest. I’m pretty sure that one size does not fit all, here. Each of us must try different approaches to see what benefits us most.

Back in the spring, I started amateur body-building at age 50. Since I had not been involved in a serious exercise program in several years, I was very leery of the potential set-back I might experience from over-training. Instead, what I have found is that, for me, three days of resistance training a week (and 4 days of rest) is NOT ideal. I lose tone, strength, and muscle size if I only exercise certain groups once every 4 or 5 days (especially biceps and calves). So, I have to push more workouts into my week for optimal growth and muscle retention.

It appears that this may be the case for me with PE also, though it may be too early to write that in stone. I do notice that if I skip a day of PE that was on my schedule, I appear to lose a little ground. So, for now, I will stick with a 5 on 2 off program. If I continue to gain with this, I see no reason to change it. You know the old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Hehe



I won’t be content until I’ve earned the name!

I had no gains at all for the first 4 years(didnt measure flacid though) so im diffrent than most people but the time off just depends on your normal healing time. arginine helps healing.


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