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What is this and where can I purchase it for my foreskin restoration?


Scroll down to the bottom of this link -…ST&Store_Code=R

Be careful with this stuff because it sticks really well. I allow a greaseless water based cream to dry on my dick before the application of a Rejuveness t-tape.


hunglo77 - Foreskin restoration (FR) is essentially a do-it-yourself endeavor. You have to make t-tapes yourself. Years ago there was a fellow (in Arizona, I think) who sold them commercially, but he’s long out of business. One of the great teachers of FR was Derrick Townsend. His original web site is long gone, but the “T-tape Picture Book” survives at the Foreskin Restoration Resources (FRR) site. The “Picture Book” is how I learned to make t-tapes.

Here (link broken) is a link to the download page at FRR. The zip file contains the complete picture book web site. Once unzipped, click on “T-tape.htm” to start.

I ordered the tapes from the AZ guy some years ago, and they were very well made, and saved a lot of time. The “package deal” also came with a video tape explaining reasons behind foreskin restoration and also had a nice section showing how to apply the tape. I could make copies of this tape fro anyone interested.

I also have the 5 original still photos from the t-tape “book” (Derek Townsend’s version) which I downloaded from the net many years ago, and would be willing to send them to any interested parties.

Let me know if you’d like any of this stuff.


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