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Swollen after jelqing

Swollen after jelqing

Do you guys swell up after a jelq session? I read that some people measure up to 1/4 inches bigger after a jelq session when erect but after a jelq session my penis is about the same, maybe the slightest big thicker. My flaccid is definitely thicker for a short period after jelqing but not my erect. Am I jelqing wrong or what?

Yes its usually down to fluid build up, tends to subside after a few hours

Mine gets swollen too :) All normal :)

What you will find is that you have a fatter, more girthy dick when you PE.


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Well see I want mine to get swollen after, but the erect measurement is still the same as before I jelqed, is it possible I am doing something wrong?

Not nececcarily.

Not everyone gets fluid build-up to the same degree. Even on identical routines

One possible difference may be the duration of each jelq and the level of erectness while jelqing. I find that longer/slower jelq’s of about 3+ secs tend to give me alot more fluid buildup, as does jelqing with higher erection levels.

Fluid build-up doesn’t equate to effective jelqing though. Not in my book anyway

Alright thanks scared!

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