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Got a question. Have any of you experiance what I am about to ask? There for a while, I was doing my normal routine, 5 on 2 off. In the beginning, and I think I asked about that then, I would get a bunch of fluid build up around my glans from Jelging and was told not to worry about it that it would subside in 24 hours. Well it did and things were fine. It happened for about a month or two and I did not worry at all, because the next day it was gone. After a “break in” period, it stopped totally and never happened again. I had to stop with the Jelging due to work changes and took about a month break. I still stretched, just didn’t have the time for Jelging, or the privacy. Well yesterday I was afforded the time to get in a good session. Here comes the donut again. No worry, I know it will go away, but my question is this.

Is a month enough time for your tool to get unaccustomed to being Jelged?

How long before you know that some of the gains that you have gotten are cemented?

I havn’t gotten smaller or anything, as a matter of fact I think I have more length due to the stretching that I have been doing. I was just wondering in case there comes a time that I won’t have time or privacy, mainly privacy, to do any of it. Thanks.

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For my part, I got this ugly bulge below the glans when I did the OK grip. I changed my grip to a U grip, that means I put most pressure on the sides of the shaft and less on the downside.

With this grip I don’t get the donut anymore, and it still feels like a good workout.

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