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Swelling Just below glans!!

Selling Just below glands!!

help please. I’m very worried about this. i was jelqing maybe a bit too hard and i noticed that just below the head of my dick was an abnormal swelling as if some kind of clear liquid is inside it. Please tell me whats going on here. Is it permentant? I hope not :( :(

note, there is no discoloration and it is slightly swolen more on the left side than the right

You should take a couple of days off right away. This happened to me when I first started, just beginners over enthusiasm. Take it easy.


You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

I thought it is what some call the donut effect. I have it nearly always after a good jelqing session. It goes away after a couple of hours. I actually never worried about it.

Are you circumsized? Sounds like perfectly normal swelling from fluid build up at the circ scar, due to the jelqing. Did it diminish and go away over a few hours or overnight? I get this every workout, and it’s quite normal when jelqing.
No discoloration, just sirc scar swelling = no worries.

edit: staypositive said it: doughnut effect. Look it up.


Is it like a donut around your cock head?

If so then calm down and read the pumping forum. This is common in pumping, tho less so in jelqing. It’s just lymph fluid accumulating and it’ll dissipate soon enough ;-)


Settle down, you blew up your dick, that’s all. Just kidding. Why don’t you know about this problem all ready? You should’ve read up on things to expect before starting PE. Do a search for donut or doughnut effect. It’s perfectly normal and nothing to get your balls all shrivelled about. Hell, I get it from masturbating. Ironically, I’ve never had it from PEing. I get it from sex and masturbation, but not PE. I’ve never thought about it. I’d think it would be the other way around.

At any rate, you’re fine. :) Just take it easier next time.

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Wow KOG, you must be having sex with someone who knows how to really tighten up. I got this effect recently for the first time while jelqing. I got it nearly every time I pumped, but this was the first time I got it jelqing, it scared me at first but then I realized what it was.

I didn’t know I could get it from jelq but then I did a search and found that many people get it. I have noticed that I have been having a more affective workout lately.


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Sometimes I get an enormous swelling just above my groin and below my solar plexus. I also call this the doughnut effect. It tends to happen to me after a too vigorous visit to Krispy Kreme. Nothing to worry about.



That happened to me I picked up a dozen krispy kremes and I ate four on the way home, man did I have the dounut effect.


it’s normal as long as it goes away in a couple of hours.

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