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Survey Idea

Survey Idea


Being the only woman on this forum, you are one of the few links to what females think about cock. I was wondering if there was any way that you could set up a survey at an all chick forum where the girls could be instructed on how to correctly measure their men and rate their dicks. I would be very curious at what sizes women consider too small, just right, or ouch!.

YEA but, according to the new Longitude Capsules commercial….we all know what women really want…..good looks, money and nice muscles are nice but, what woment really want is a bigger man!~ Straight from the mouth of the Penthouse Pet (I wanna say her name was something cheesy like Amy Lynn) who does the commercial.

The Longitude company were playing with men’s insecurities way before the commercial on TV. But, what pisses me off, is the fact that they now putting some idiotic ideas into women’s heads.

A woman, for example, who’s been in a longterm relationship might reevaluate her partner’s dick and might think to herself: “Gosh, I could have done a lot better over the years. He IS too small, come to think of it”

Then what? You’re fucked as a man. Literally….

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

I can see our boards becoming a lot more popular in the future. Or unpopular, depending on who you are.


Hey Uncut,

I never though of it in that sense, but you are absolutely right. Those commercials have been on the Stern show for at least 6 months now. I wish the FDA would lock that dam Longitude place up for good.

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Women want?

I always ask the ladies what they prefer (I’m not shy). Rich guy, or well hung? Handsome or well hung? Famous or well hung? Rich or handsome? Handsome or famous? etc…….. I don’t think well hung ever won. BUT…..I would ask them once their first preference was satisfied would it disapoint them if the guy was hung like a child. The answer was almost always “YES!”.

I guess the moral to this story is that we should set our primary goals as career development and make penis development a part our physical maintenance. If you’re a loser, no matter how big you are you won’t give a tenth of the pussy that a successful guy gets.

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