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Surprised by Wife's Response


Surprised by Wife's Response

I hate keeping things from my wife. I started PE in January and I have been hiding it from her since then. Yesterday I decided to come clean with it. She was up in my office (I have a bonus suite upstairs that servers as my office and I work from home) talking about something and I had her sit down. I started explaining how I had gotten curious as to whether or not there was any truth to any of these emails that you get constantly about making your dick bigger. I wanted to find a forum where real people were discussing the issue and not selling anything so that I could get a true opinion from people who have tried the products. That search led me to Thunder’s (thank you).

After that I realized that it might actually be possible to make my dick bigger so I started on a program. I have pictures from when I started and I had just taken some pictures last week for comparison. I showed her those pictures so that she could see it was actually working. I’ve gained a little of .25 inches in BPEL and erect girth to me at around 6.75 BPEL and slightly over 5 in girth.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect in a response from her. I kinda thought she might tell me I was being stupid. She didn’t do anything of the sort. She seemed genuinely interested in it and didn’t understand why I thought she might be mad about it.

The rest of the day she was very affectionate. After the kids went to bed that night I strolled into our bedroom to find her laying on the bed decked out in sexy underwear. This is something that VERY rarely occurs. So it would seem that the whole idea actually turned her on in some way. I have to say, I am very happy about it. Now I don’t have to keep it from her and lock my door when I’m doing my exercises.

Life is good.

Congratulations, S'hick! :thumbs:


That is a PE success story if I ever heard one!

Cum vinum intrat, exit sapientia

Great news Superhick! PE will be an altogether more fun affair with both of you involved..:up:

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Good for you!

My wife loves to watch me jelq. Can’t ask for much more support than that!

Wow, good for you. My wife knows about my secret society. She does not like it and thinks my dick is big enough.

Very happy for you :)

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.

She is probably about to hit you up for breast implants. :D

Great story. Hapy for the both of you.

gprent, Now THAT was funny and he’d be a lucky gut to have a bigger dick and his wife getting bigger breast. LOL

I would still hide it. I dont think it is good to let your wife see you do the excercises unless it really turns her on. nyone else agree/disaree?


Awesome Superhick. That’s great news.

I love your handle too. :)

Originally Posted by gprent

She is probably about to hit you up for breast implants. :D


Horny Bastard

Originally Posted by gprent

She is probably about to hit you up for breast implants. :D

That’s what I was thinking…

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