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Originally Posted by crashhex

Competent / Recommended list / Better track record

Http:// Reed

Http:// Whitehead (hiatus)

Http:// Alexander A. Krakovsky, formerly Rheinschild

Http:// Gary Alter (length only)

Http:// Rosenthal

Non-recommended list / Danger! (Free Fat Transfers, outdated length procedures.)

Http:// Burman

Http:// Giunta

Http:// Barron


Http://www.plasticsurgerybeverlyhil…ugmentation.htm Gustein

Unknown/ Not enough information:
Http://….s=za&moneda=dol Plenitas (Argentina)

Http:// Lee Hang-Fu

Hi, new to the forum.

I had the procedure done in 1996 at with Rodney Barron (notice I leave out the ‘dr’ because it would be an insult to real doctors). It was a disaster of epic proportions. Not only was there no real improvement but the surgery left me with very noticeable scars; 2 running from below my hipbone down to my scrotum, half inch wide and 6 inches long (where the fat was taken for the girth enhancement). The other scar is raised and also noticeable and was not sutured properly, now leaving a hole-like appearance at the base of the penis. Stay clear from this scammer.

After many years of Mederma that didn’t help, now I’m ready to have these scars removed by some procedure as best as possible. Can anyone recommend a doctor that may specialize in this? I actually emailed Dr. Rosenthal to see if he has any recommendations, and will email the others too. After this step, I may reconsider another girth procedure with a reputable doctor.

I understand that Dr. Reed does a great job with reconstructive surgery and Alloderm girth enhancement. Did you have the fat injection or dermal grafts done for your girth enhancement?

I will be having a consultation with Dr. Rosethal at Beverly Hills Surgical later this month. I’ll let you know how it goes.


As concerns scarring it always amazes me how little plastic surgeons know about scar prevention. You can understand that in other forms of surgery that scarring isn’t the primary concern, but in plastic surgery appearance is key so you would think more attention is placed in this area. It is unclear from your post, but it sounds like you had fat wrapped around your penis and thus this usually means a large donor site area somewhere around your buttocks. For the removal of your scars don’t limit yourself to penis enlargement speacialists, it would be far better to see a surgeon who is an expert in treating scars. No matter who you see insist on old fashioned removable sutures not newer dissolvable ones. Have all sutures removed no more than a week post op and imediately apply silicone gel sheets which you sould only remove to wash. Some surgeons are having success by using a CO2 laser just two weeks post surgery to erase any trace of scarring before it has a chance to build up. In the US I think the best surgeon would be this black dude on Extreme Makeover. I don’t know his name but he has a very unblack hair cut, he is bald but hasn’t shaved the back and sides. He speacializes in scar prevention. If you are also having problems where the incisions were made for the ligs to be cut, then for that area only see Gary Alter.

Hey Joey55,

Thanks for the post. Yes, one would think that a plastic surgeon would be concerned with scars but not the case with this rogue doctor, Barron.

The donor site was actually where the most noticeable scars are. Here is a copy of from the barron website that describes the procedure that left the scars:

“The third enlargement procedure is referred to as a Fat Transfer. The Fat Transfer procedure is one that is older and is no longer used for new patients. As technology has improved, Dr. Barron has concluded that the Dermal Graft Augmentation provides a vastly superior and virtually permanent result. In the Fat Transfer a variable amount of fat was removed from either the lower abdomen or inner thighs, purified, then placed under the skin around the shaft of the penis.”

Which is where my scars are, inner thigh next to the scrotum.

Thanks for the referral for Gary Alter. This is him right - . I will contact him. I certainly am not searching for a penile enhancement doctor for the scar removal but I presumed it’s a good place to start looking for referrals. If there are any other referrals for plastic surgeons specializing in scar removal, please let me know. I’ll catch an episode of extreme makeover as well.

That’s good to hear Crash.

Now how about this clamped pic? Show us one where you’re squeezing the shaft so we can see how much ‘give’ there is in the skin.

Apologies for hassling, but you seem to be the only guy I can find who’s had alloderm surgery that’s willing to post pics on the net.

Thanks in advance.

Originally Posted by jakeman
That’s good to hear Crash.

Now how about this clamped pic? Show us one where you’re squeezing the shaft so we can see how much ‘give’ there is in the skin.

Apologies for hassling, but you seem to be the only guy I can find who’s had alloderm surgery that’s willing to post pics on the net.

Thanks in advance.

I went to Google Images, and punched in “Alloderm Penis”…nis&btnG=Search

Don’t know if it helps you or not.

I would love to see a picture after the recovery process was done.

Originally Posted by wannabeseven
I went to Google Images, and punched in “Alloderm Penis”


Don’t know if it helps you or not.

It doesn’t, but thanks anyway Wannabe.

The link you posted contains post-op flaccid pics, but no erections.

yep, fair enough.

Alexander A. Krakovsky


Thanks for all the information. It seems like the surgery topic on here is much like the whole natural PE topic to most of the world. It’s good someone brought some positives to light and brought out the fact that surgery may in fact be an option for some people. Afterall, most of us on here are penis fanatics, so why not discuss all options?

I am curiuos if you feel, or have heard, if Alexander A. Krakovsky is as qualified as Rheinschild. I’m considering having something done and want to research all the Dr’s you have supplied.

One concern I have with this particular Dr is they recommend having the length and girth procedures at the same time. The other Dr., I believe Reed, recommends you do them separately. Which makes me wonder a few things. 1. How important is it to do them separate. It would be much easier and cheaper to do it all at once. 2. Is Krakovsky simply willing to do it even though he knows they shouldn’t? How could I trust a Dr that either isn’t being honest for the sake of making more money all at once, or simply isn’t as educated on the subject?

One other Question. I am very curious abt the stability and erection angle after lengthening surgery. I know you haven’t had it yet, but do you know others who have? How true are the horror stories here?

Thanks again for all the info!

Originally Posted by crashhex
Thank you for the appreciation. Let me know how your search develops over the next few months, and I’d gladly let you in on my knowledge of the surgeon you choose. I know at least a couple of guys that have had the surgeries with each of the recommended surgeons.

Crashhex, if you were to recommend one doctor for both the alloderm and lengthening, who would it be? Based on your posts, am I correct to assume you performed your procedure with Rosenthal?

It’s too bad Dr. Whitehead is no longer practicing. Based on my research, he would have been my #1 choice.

Sorry for this small departure from the ongoing thread, but I thought I’d ask this question anyhow. Does anyone have any experience with scrotal skin higher up on the underside of your shaft? My scrotal skin travels nearly 1/2 way up my shaft and can get irritated and red especially during PE. I’d like to get this skin moved downward towards the base where it belongs. Would this be a more cosmetic surgeon type of issue? Thanks.


This is very much a cosmetic surgeon type issue. It is not uncommon to have what is known as the turkey neck moved nearer the shaft. I think there are pictures of this procedure on Dr Douglas Whiteheads website and also on Dr Gary Alters.

Girth enhancement procedure dilemma

Hello all. It has been awhile, but I am still lurking on the boards regularly. I have more or less decided that if I am going to have a bigger dick,it is going to be via surgery.PE is just too rough on my unit , I have pe’d for several months over the last couple of years,and have seen modest gains that only fade away once pe is stopped.So although I am not sure I want to go through with the surgery, I am sure that if I’m going to do anything to have a bigger dick,that’s the approach I will take.

Here is my problem, nobody anywhere seems able to produce a photo of erect girth after surgery!! You can find photos of a monkey fucking a tiger if you look for two minutes.but you can’t find a single photo of erect girth following surgery. So naturally this makes a man wonder what the big secret is , if there is nothing to hide,why not post it, show it if your proud of that’s my real concern. I am becoming more and more comfortable with the sucess of alloderm procedures,it seems there are many procedures done with a high rate of satisfaction and success, but until I find more about the erect girth turnout I cannot commit to any modification to my dick.

2) how does the girth enhancement work with both flaccid and erect unit is about 4” flaccid but grows to over 6.5 nbp erect.if doctor X puts alloderm in my flaccid penis how will that same strip of alloderm accommodate my erect penis which is almost 3” longer? The only thing I come up with is that the flaccid would have to be thicker , and then when erect it all gets stretched out so the whole thing is thicker , but this seems un-natural to me because your softy would always be thicker than your erection.

Any thoughts?those who have done this could shed a great deal of light on it with just a few photos.Hate to call you out Crash but after posting a few pics online here already,and now starting up a surgery mini-forum the least you could do would be show us a small pic series going from before surgery to flaccid,semi,100% hard.but it’s your dick ,so..

In closing I just want to say the mini-forum is a great idea and I hope we keep it going so we can all learn about the pros and cons of surgery.


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