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Originally Posted by joey999
It isn’t so much a case of there not being good surgeons out there, but there aren’t good surgical options. There is no girth procedure available that produces satisfactory results. Let me qualify that statement, as obviously each of the varying girth procedures will have their fair share of success stories. The most complicated form a facial costmetic surgery is Rhinoplasty and has by far the highest amount of revisionary surgeries as a results of unhappy patients. Yet revisions amount to less than 10% of Rhino surgeries. There are many plastic surgeons who don’t peform Rhinoplasty, because this sub 10% of dissatisfaction is too high. Now compare that 10% with PE surgery patients. I’d say as high as 50% of patients are unhappy with their results. And it’s not because the surgery is particuarly compicated. It’s because it simply doesn’t work. If 50% of any type of facial surgery was carried out unsuccessful would anyone have it doen or would it even be allowed? This 50% figure may seem dramtically high, but I’ve been posting on PE forums for years and every now and again someone comes along and says they are about to have surgery. They get warned off it, but go ahead anyway and at least 50% of the time it ends in disaster. On this forum people will point you in the direction of 8-Ball’s story. But that isn’t the only one. Look up Solarwind, 1shotkill and Crashex (the owner of MNS). They all anounced they were having PE surgery and went on to regret it. In fact other than posters on MNS (which is a site owned by a guy who brokers these surgeries), I can’t think of anyone who has announced they are having surgery and have been pleased with the results.

The penis is a dynamic organ, so it’s very tough to get the length of the graft right. Also, whenever graft material is used, there will be reabsorbtion. But this isn’t always even, so not only does the graft shrink, but often leave uneven results. Every few years a new surgeon comes along (usually backed by MNS) with a new procedure or a new way of doing the old proceudre, but ultimately the same problems will reoccur. The PGLA scaffold technique is the only viable opition and it is pointless as the results aren’t sufficient to warrant the risk of having surgery. I don’t think anyone had gained more than 1cm with the technique and some have gained nothing at all.

I’m from Italy and should do a Rhinoplasty because my nose is broken and bending to the left doesn’t let me breath correctly. In Italy for this disease you don’t have to pay, just the ticket (if I’m not mistaken it’s about 60€). Anyway while all the doctor suggested me to correct the nose, I still don’t have the courage to do it. Here as far as I know this surgeon is just routine and very safe.
I’m tempted to penis surgery only for widening it, my case is different because due an’accident with a vacuum device I’ve lost elasticity to the skin of my penis, and also now my skin cover my glans and I really hate it. I can cut the too much long skin (circumcision), but I can’t tight it.
I’ve had some talk with few doctors, untill now no one convinced me. The story of reabsorbtion is not 100% true, and also there are some aspect very important.
I did several research, and I have talked with some guys who had this procedure, and trust me, it’s really difficult to find here in Italy a guy that will tell you “you know what? I had a penis enlargement surgery”.
The first important aspect is the aesthetic result. Lets’ say that a guy has a penis with 10 cm of circumference and a glans with 12 centimeters of difference, is pretty clear that you can’t enalrge it more then 2 centimeters otherwise you will end up with a shaft bigger than the glans. Some doctors will tell you this, other will not take care of this aspect and will try to just make it bigger as much as they can with horrible results.
So the first aspect is the aesthetic result.
Speaking of aesthetic, a big role is played by the type of tissue/prosthesis used for the surgery. The best result are obtained using semi-rigid implants, it’s true, but the biggest problem is that you will have a non biological implants around your penis, wich in my opinion is not good.
Alloderm is not supposed to be used for penis enlargement, and I know that there are chance that you body can absorbe it, not to mention the fact that that tissue is too soft.
I was tempted by the Perovic’s method, but the idea to have a surgeon out of my country just panic me.
Anyway there is a biological tissue called “intexen” that is used by years for the treatment of Peyron disease, and as well other treatment of the pelvic flor and vagina disease (prolapse).
At today I haven’t found a doctor that really conviced me, some doctor perform the operation with sovrapubic incision, other with subcoronal incision (I think subcoronal is better), no one conviced me, because no one examined my dick in erect state, and in my opinion this is very important. It’s not so difficult, the doctor just need to do an intracavernose injection to produce a chemical erection an see what can be done.
Just for the records, one guy, probably very lucky, did the implants with intexen but also got cut his suspensory ligaments. He is very happy, when flaccid is penis is 2 centimeters longer, and he gained 3 centimeters in circumference. He only has one problem, here in Italy when the doctor cut the suspendory ligament he apply a silicone spacer to prevent retraction, but maybe the spacer for his is too big, because when he has an’erection he can feel the spacer pushing on hi penis, which cause a little of pain. Now the doctor will cut hin again and will apply a much smaller spacer.
That’s what I know, and I liked to share with you

“Good” girth surgeons don’t seem to exist, as of 2010. I’m sure eventually someone will figure out a way to safely and effectively increase penis girth through surgery, but current techniques usually lead to bad, if not disastrous, results.

The length procedure is safer, but there isn’t any evidence that it’s easier to gain length through hanging with a snipped lig than with an unsnipped lig.

I concur, I have an unsnipped ligament and it is very difficult to gain length.

Always be cool.

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Navarra, intexen is a dermal matrix made from pig skin, alloderm is a dermal matrix made from dead people’s skin.they are pretty much the same thing otherwise

This surgeon may be worth speaking to if you are in Italy

He has documented his efforts with Intexen in these 3 papers, maybe you can ask him for a copy of them:

1. G. G. Alei, P. Alei, P. Letizia: “Enlargement of the penis using Intexen: a personal technique”. Abstract book 8 th Congress of European Society for Sexual Medicine 2005 Letizia: “Enlargement of the penis using Intexen: a personal technique. Abstract book 8 th Congress of European Society for Sexual Medicine 2005

2. ALEI G., LETIZIA P., MITJANS S., MATTIOLI M., NOCCHI F. Alei G., P. Letizia, Mitjans S., Mattioli M., F. NOCCHI : Tecnica originale di falloplastica di ampliamento mediante derma suino INTEXEN con unica incisione pubica. Abstract Book 78° Congresso Nazionale SIU. : Original technique of enlargement Phalloplasty using porcine dermis INTEXEN with only pubic incision. Abstract Book 78th National Congress of SIU. Palermo 2005 Palermo 2005

3. ALEI G., LETIZIA P., MITJANS S., MATTIOLI M., NOCCHI F. Alei G., P. Letizia, Mitjans S., Mattioli M., F. NOCCHI : Falloplastica di ingrandimento con tecnica personale mediante derma suino. : Phalloplasty magnifying technical personnel from porcine dermis. Esperienza preliminare. Preliminary experience. Abstract Book 78° Congresso Nazionale SIU. Abstract Book 78th National Congress of SIU. Palermo 2005 Palermo 2005

Maybe you could speak to Letizia’s teacher too


You’ll probably be on a hiding to nothing but let us know the score all the same, they may have some honest 5 year (maybe longer) follow never know

Anyone had any experience or got any info on Dr. Colin Moore?? He is in Australia and has a patent for PE Surgery.

Yes I would also like any comments, also does anyone know how to call his site from uk I have tried +61 but number is unobtainable, does anyone know if the number on his website is still in use



00 61 414 251 234

Hi 890KGV,

I don’t know about this doctor to be honest, it seems he does grafting, it would be interesting to see what his method is.does he use in transplant of dermals with it’s original blood supply intact, or does he do a complete graft which requires establishment of a new blood supply within the penis.because of this blood supply issue grafts without an existing blood supply can die due to necrosis causing shortening, bending and uneven re-absorption. There are numerous stories of issues with dermal grafts. Issues may go unnoticed for years. I am willing to bet that half his surgical expertise goes on reconstructing his previous patients.

I’m weary of any permanent fillers to the penis due to difficulties that can present themselves years down the line including granulomas and immunoreactions and results in loss of tissue due to difficulty removing them. Silicon and PMMA in penis and other areas have had reactions up to 10 years after insertion. Normally for glans enlargement they use something called a Hyaluronic acid based gel which naturally occurs in the body and will break down naturally over time (requiring top ups maybe yearly though) or can be broken down using an enzyme called hyalorinudase. The method of injection gels into the glans is normally to combat premature ejaculation so be aware of this and be prepared to experience a loss of sensitivity. This may be troublesome for you as the years go by if not at the start. Again I would ask much more about Aquamid, why it is not approved in the USA and what his injection methods are (fanning around the corona etc) for your peace of mind.

There are some doctors in the US (and Egypt- Osama Shaeer) who stuff the glans with the graft/flap after creating a pocket to achieve proportion. Ask him his opinion about that..

The bum where he will take the grafts from can be extremely painful post surgery and is usually the longest part to heal. Girls prefer intact arses too. Even if they take it from the front there will be a big scar, maybe 7-8 inches. You can explain it away as a hernia repair but if you have body dysmorphobia you should be aware that scarring may be an issue for you.

I have never ever ever seen a doctor who says a patient can get 4cm in length.even with traction and certainly never in erection. Most doctors prefer to do the two surgeries separately to avoid unnecessary trauma to the graft material during the obligatory post op stretching which should be started as soon as possible to prevent reattachment and scar tissue buildup where the ligs were severed. Will he use a silicone spacer to prevent the lig reattaching to the pubic bone? Has he explained about erection angles and instability?

I do not mean to put you off but want to make sure you are aware of the entire situation so you can make a better decision. The money can be lost (anticipate more money than quoted in case of reconstruction by the way.also take into account that you may be severely depressed following surgery so may not be able to work) but the issues that come with a failed surgery are lifelong. Can you deal with that if it happens?

If you are of normal size I hope you re-evaluate as there are too many inconsistencies between the plethora of methods used by all surgeons doing this procedure and all these issues are at your expense not the surgeon’s.

It may be worth visiting a psychosexual counsellor before you take the final plunge too, in the UK that is standard protocol.

Good luck

Hi londong,

Could you provide sources where you read about silicone reactions up to 10 years after insertion?

I am interested in reading about the specifics behind those occurrences.



I was mostly referring to liquid silicone

Here is one

Also just take a look at the hundreds of women who report it on plastic surgery forums.they have all sort of problems with all sorts of fillers.

Liquid silicone is therefore difficult to remove without damaging surrounding tissues. A major drawback of the Elist semi solid gummi type silicone procedure is also it’s benefit, IE it’s rigidity and cohesiveness. In this sex change phalloplasty article it talks about the erectile implants.”exerts constant pressure on the skin in spite of the Dacron sheath, and erosions are common. Also having a permanently stiff phallus is very inconvenient.”


You would still be merely a guinea-pig, or experiment londong.

I'm consistent in spurts, but gains are undeniable!

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Originally Posted by hopeful2hanglow
You would still be merely a guinea-pig, or experiment londong.

What do you mean H2H?

There aren’t nearly enough success stories for anything to be a for sure thing. There is likely more than a 50% chance you won’t be happy with the results of your surgery. It sucks, but your just helping these doctors get better at what they do, and learn how to make things better in the future - a guinea pig.

Sorry, I realize my error londong. Redirect the lecture to the guilty parties. Keep on telling these guys how crazy they are man. :D

I'm consistent in spurts, but gains are undeniable!

2007: BPEL 5.5" / MSEG 4.7" / BG 5.5"

2017: BPEL 6.8" / MSEG 5.3" / BG 6"


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