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Gottaget and Jakeman,

I think what your on to is known as flaps. Heres a surgeon in the U.S. that is doing this procedure.


He explains as follows: Flaps
Turndown supra pubic flap, originated by Dr. Gutstein, is raised through parallel subcutaneous suprapubic incisions. This tissue retains blood supply at its base and is tunneled under the shaft skin and anchored near the rim of the head.

Advantages: Donor site is largely within the hair-bearing pubic area. Lengthening can be done through the same incision. No need to turn patient to obtain buttock tissue as in dermafat grafts. Theoretically, the best survival since some blood supply is preserved.

Disadvantages: Micro-dissection takes time. Some bulge at turnover area at base of penis which reduces over time.

Heres a medical journal article you may find of interest: Penile Girth Augmentation Using Flaps “Shaeer’s Augmentation Phalloplasty”: A Case Report
Osama Shaeer, MD*, and Kamal Shaeer, MD*

Introduction. Current girth augmentation techniques rely either on liposuction/injection or on the use of dermal fat grafts. These procedures have serious disadvantages, including regression in gained size, deformities, irregular contour, and asymmetry. Ideally, the augmentation technique should ensure durability and symmetry. This case report describes the first application of a flap (superficial circumflex iliac artery island flap) in penile girth augmentation.

Materials and Methods. The superficial circumflex iliac vessels were identified and the groin flap was elevated from lateral to medial, rotated toward the penis, and tunneled into a penopubic incision. It was wrapped around the penis short of the corpus spongiosum and insinuated under the glans.

Results. Six months after surgery, the patient had an erect girth of 19.5 cm and a flaccid girth of 16.5 cm, compared with 11 cm and 7 cm, respectively, before surgery, thus maintaining the intraoperative girth gain. The outer surface felt smooth with no lobulation. The size of the glans was proportionate to the shaft’s girth.

Conclusion. This case report shows that the application of flaps in penile girth augmentation may provide a reliable alternative to the currently applied techniques. Glans flaring promotes the aesthetic results and is applicable with other techniques of penile girth augmentation. Shaeer O, and Shaeer K. Penile girth augmentation using flaps “Shaeer’s augmentation phalloplasty”: A case report. J Sex Med **; **:** **.

Here’s where you can purchase the entire article:…4.x?cookieSet=1

"Crazy dancin! Making my penis sore!"

- Dave Chapelle

Hmmmmm,interesting stuff,they may in deed be one and the same , but I think they are actually two seperate procedures , which now really blows my mind because I now need to research this one you have brought to light.
The reason I say they are different is based on the description of the veins used as ” sapheneos grafts” , I did a quick search on these and found that they are very sililar to the type of vein grafts one would have if they were getting heart-bypass or similar surgery, like they are literally taking a section of fresh vein(somehow) and adding this into the penile vasculature.also noted that in the study done in china they noted that it could be done either “by means of implanting saphenous grafts or ePTFE artificial vessel patches”.

I can only hope over the course of the next three years I will attain my goal of 8x6 and I can forget going under the knife all together , but just in case I will continue to search for the ultimate in surgical enhancement.

Crash, any word on the guy you know who was going through with surgery done by Lee hang fu? I wonder if his vaguely described tunica surgery is either of the two we are discussing here,or if he is just off on his own thing completely.

Originally Posted by gottaget8x6
Crash, any word on the guy you know who was going through with surgery done by Lee hang fu? I wonder if his vaguely described tunica surgery is either of the two we are discussing here,or if he is just off on his own thing completely.

Lee hang fu has patented his procedure so he should be the only one doing it.

My decision on selecting a procedure and doctor was pretty simple. First, I wanted as little risk as possible! Bigger member is fine, but non-working was no good. Second, I thought about what I felt most comfortable with. I knew I scarred easily, so using a graft seemed as though it might not be my best option. This might not be for some. As far as all these very complicated techniques, again, I wanted simple and safe. They might be great, but just not for me.

The key is this, do what you feel comfortable with. Don’t forsake your sex life for size. I am well aware of the fact that the doctor I selected and the procedure I selected was probably going to give me the least results. But that is what I felt was best for my mind and body. By making this decisions, I now always have the option of doing a different procedure down the road if I am not satisfied.

There was a gentleman that had gone to Dr. Giunta before and was speaking with another Dr. To see if additional lengthening procedures could be done. I would love to hear how that went. Maybe I will look for something as well in a year or so if I am not happy by then.

Someone asked me about my PE routine. I manually stretch for 4 minutes a couple of times a day. In addition to this, I use a ADS for about 6 hours a day. I have just ordered a GRIP and will probably use this 1-2 hours a day.

Surgery does NOT let you get away from stretching. It is there to allow the stretching to happen more easily and more quickly. In my case 1.5 inch gain flaccid and .5 inch gain erect in 2 months. It is anticipated (time will tell) that at the end of 6 months, I should have a 2.5 inch gain in flaccid and 1.5 inch gain in erect. At least that is what my post-op pictures indicate. You don’t keep all the gains that you have the day of the surgery. You have to work back up to it with PE.

Originally Posted by orion
I have a consultation with Dr. Rosethal from Beverly Hills Surgical next month. I am seriously considering having the lengthening and alloderm widening procedures done. Are you satisfied with the Alloderm? My only concern is that I will contract some sort of disease from the donor tissue. How is Lifecell’s quality control?


I would be very interested in what Rosenthal has to say about doing the procedure again. Please let me know.

Crash will no longer be posting about surgery.

I will no longer be posting about my surgery experience, nor answering questions about surgery. It has become too difficult to answer negative comments, and constantly defend myself. I have no agenda here, I just wanted to share, and learn. I will continue to learn from you all, and I appreciate the support I have received. This is not the proper forum to discuss PE surgical outcomes, I know this now. Surgery will continue to stay in the dark, and a general negative opinion of it will remain. I am a full supporter of natural PE, that’s why i am here, and that’s what this place is for.


"Crazy dancin! Making my penis sore!"

- Dave Chapelle

Another post for slack!

"Crazy dancin! Making my penis sore!"

- Dave Chapelle

Crash I appreciate the answers you gave me about surgery. From reading some of your posts about surgery, I’d say you were helpful. I think you should keep answering questions to guys who are curious about it. Ignore the silly comments that some have.

Had to learn the hard way.. “I coulda told ya.but ya wouldn’t luuurnd nuttin”


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