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Surgical AfterMath

Surgical AfterMath

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the people on this site and most especially the heavyweight Founding Fathers like Bigger and Captain Hook among many others. I was cycnical when I first stumbled on this. The reason was obvious. I mistakenly had penile elongation surgery 10 years ago in its infancy and before they had instituted stretching techiques for post op. The scar formation actually shortened my member and I grew bitter but I had no one to really discuss this with. I felt it was all my fault for being naive and for being greedy since I already had a long dick of around 8.5 to 8.75. I’m now at 8 38 erect or so. I was entering mid life at the time and the sports pages were chock full of adds for the surgery and promises of an instant 1 to 2 inches and I was unhappy and feeling trapped in a relationship. So there. C’est la vie. My goal now is to stretch out all the scar tissue and already it seems to be working just 2 weeks in. Nothing is cemented ofcourse but I am at times now hanging flaccid up to 7 1/2 “. I will approach this thing slowly and over lots of time since I beleive the tortoise most always wins the race. Please if anyone has gone thru what I did, feel free to post feedback and experiences. This is the first time I have divulged any of it and at the time it was quite traumatic. The one plus was I did have derma grafts put in as well which immediately increased my girth by 1 1/2 “. Some of it has metabolized but it is uniform looking and that part of the procedure worked. I am hoping that using the Bib will help to stetch and grow these derma grafts in length since what they are is strips of tissue taken from the creases of my buttocks. So my situation is quite peculiar and I sense that there is also slight scar formation underneath the derma grafts themselves. Thanks to everyone for listening. It is good to air this after so many years. I now have a beautiful lover. She is open hearted and she loves the big wood. I feel hanging besides all else is a great workout for the penis if done judiciously and its also a great ‘male thing’ sort of an extension of Robert Bly’s “Iron John” essays. After so many years of being told we are not ‘sensitive’ enough, its good to adopt a project that asserts our masculinity. JelkyWadHolmes

Jelky….don’t you have the potential to stretch further than before your surgery because they detached your ligs from your pubic bone? Just curious. Also, did the surgery affect your erections at all? What were some of the negs about this procedure other than the scar tissue?

poonstar I wouldn’t get my hopes up for answers because jelkywadholmes hasn’t posted in 2.5 years.

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