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In the discoloration from PE-thread there is a link to treatment to aid blood flow in damaged tissue, the basic principle is hot water immersion - ice cold water immersion - hot water immersion. I believe the cycles were 10 minutes each to a total of 30 minutes. Idea is to get expansion - contraction - expansion to force blood in and waste out of tissue with poor blood flow (scar tissue, deposits, damaged blood vessels). Think about it. Have you read the thread on thrombosis? Might apply to your injury, read that as well.

Happy Easter!

regards, mgus

Taped onto the dashboard of a car at a junkyard, I once found the following: "Good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgement." The car was crashed.

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Hey pesmeister

A couple of questions if you don’t mind

Your only twenty but your girl has 2 kids ? How old is she, how old are the kids ? Are you planning to marry her ? You’ve been together since you we’re 18 ? Fill us in

At 20 years old your schlong is absolutely still growing !! Your still half boy physically, and you are lucky that you discovered pe nice and early to help it along !

Give yourself a little time my friend, mark your calender for 25 years of age before making an decision, stick with it and I guarantee you will be bigger than your current goal.

As for the 2 types of surgery

A, if you have a very high angle cutting the ligs may not be so bad, but remember, you can give a girl a lot of pleasure by pushing down on yr unit with her snatch while you are inside her, this is advanced shagging and you don’t want to not have the ability to do this
When I was a kid (your age :) my angle was higher it’s lower now maybe 10o clock but my dick is also waaay bigger, and yours will be too

B, the fat injection for girth is a repulsive mutilation you will be a laughing stock please don’t mutilate yourself, you will also have a spongy nob and chick DON’t DIG spongy nobs ! Also I imagine it’s like fucking wearing a wooly penis sweater ie no sensation !
(I’m sorry if I am offending the member here that had this done it’s not my intent).

The girlfriend
1st off with 2 kids and bieng older she will be a little sloppier than most, try a young chick with no kids (really it’s fine be unfaithful it’s ok !) that will make you feel better about yourself when you find a tight one.

Specifically her are some SEXUAL POINTERS.

1 missionary postion, STOP IT ! Never do this ! It is the worst for penetration as is having her on top, get her underneath you, and you sit up and even lean back, on her back on her belly on her knees, push her legs way back and spread them, get one of your leg under her and another over, this scissor position gets max penetration be creative.
Don’t worry about what she thinks, take control she’ll love it.

2 you can get a lot of extra penetration if you push your unit down while inside her, and I mean DOWN, like pointing to you knee, you have to get creative with the positions but you’ll see you can get another 1” in there, also your dick will be super hard and she will feel that as well.
Works very well and you will be a sexual god
Same with blow jobs, push it way down, it will be rock hard in her mouth and hand.

3 push the flat part of your thumb against her ass, this will press her vagina wall against your inserted unit
If shell go for it push your thumb into her ass to the 2nd knuckle then kink yr thumb, the 1st knuckle will apply point pressure to your unit sliding in and out of her snatch, trust me she will notice.

4 put your thumb in her pussy and fuck her ! I can’t really do this unless I got a sloppy girl but she just wants to feel stretched out and filled up, your thumb will do that and your unit will give her the motion.

Oh and one last thing, you have pubic hair issues ? WHY DO YOU HAVE PUBIC HAIR !! That is gross (and will make you look smaller) so shave it all off !

Good luck buddy.


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