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I know a few of our lurkers and indeed members have had this done, and one thing I have not seen questioned is this:

After the operation most surgeons it would seem recommend the application of weights (hanging) to extend the ligaments. Now as we all know when done well hanging without any surgery can offer amazing results.

I’m just curious, what hanger do these surgeons recommend?

I mean, do they give you a link to the Bib hanger site? ;)

Most recommend the grip system… my surgeon had not heard of the bib hanger. I thought my surgeon was great but these guys really dont seem to do alot research beyond the actual surgery…

Coincidentally I have a follow up with him thursday where I will quiz him on the LOT theory, hanging angles and a few other subjects… he at least must be an expert on the inner workings of the penis.


They probably have their own design that they will sell you for a mere $999.99. Plus $1.00 per pound as needed. Seriously though, I was introduced to the world of PE through doing searches on phalloplasty. I called several plastic surgeons, and pretty much got the same “no gaurantee” pitch from all of them. After a conglomeration of explanations, and, having read alot on this sight, it seems to me that if you hang the way they want you to you would gain length without having your ligaments chopped up.

To thier benefit though, I think that the newest methods of free fat transfer could be very beneficial to girth without alot of the pressure related injuries related to PE coming into play. Girth enhancement is alot cheaper than the “total package” as well.

If anyone were to consider this route, which I never would now given all the help, support and resources available at thunders, they may want to consider hanging or stretching for 1-2 years then going in for the girth operation.

By the way, If you have a significant other-
girth only operation 6-8 weeks recovery to let the fat transfer cement.
girth plus length operation 3 mos. and you may end up shorter.

And, for the significant other, assuming that you have a good relationship-
with natural PE you give her atleast a chance of getting used to it.
With phalloplasty, she is going to tighten up for three months, then you are going to slam her with a dick signifcantly larger than what you broke her in on before the three month break.

Ive heard that the at cells can be consumed into the body and you may end up with a lumpy dick,what about the graft operation?

When I researched it, they had patients going on five years with no problems or loss of the transferred fat. The procedure is different from a graft they say. To the best of my understanding, they move the fat from the pad down into your penis. Then, if you can just use your dick to piss for a period of time, arteries will form to sustain the fat in its new location. They do have a low percentage of patients end of with lumps or nodules, but it seems to me that these are people who are a little anxious to try out thier new tool before the prescibed healing period has expired.


Let us know what he says man…


OK, with the girth enhancement procedure they slice open your dick and add a layer of something called Alloderm(?) My question is how does this material, which is put onto a flaccid cock grow when you get an erection. I’m a grower so does that mean I’ll have a 4” band of fat dick and than 3 inches of my pre-surgery dick. Besides if you’ve seen some of the photos of post surgery cocks and still want to proceed, all I can say is yikes. PE works, gives you better hardons and great vascularity besides making your dick bigger. Put the money you save into Chinese Telecommunications and you’ll have a bigger portfolio and a bigger and healthier cock.

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