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Surgery to gain girth?

Surgery to gain girth?

Someone had mentioned a surgical procedure different from the one I’ve known of in which they take fat and insert it into the penis hoping it will take to the tissue and become one with it, it often has bad results from what I understand though.

There was another one I saw somewhere here though where the doc supposedly pokes holes in it or “wraps” grafts of skin onto it to increase girth?

Any info on this procedure and how much it costs? I’m making a little length gain and while I’ve only been at it a couple weeks, I’d like to know that my options were being well-developed and working in case I ever needed to resort to something like that.

I imagine it’s expensive, but how much, any clue? The worst part is the image of a doc cutting me open, I’d jelq for years w/o results before resorting to that, but who knows, and plus it’s interesting to see how those medical procedures are advancing given new technologies etc…



ttt - anyone?

Hey Nigret,

Click on the link at the bottom of the page for “PE Forums”. There are two or three surgery threads over there that are current. One of them has some pretty good info on the girth procedures. A couple of the members there have had surgery.

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