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Sure this strech has been tried before...

Sure this strech has been tried before...

Im sure this strech has been tried before but Im going to throw it out there and see what kind of success people have had using it.

Here it is:

While flaccid,

1) Lay on your back with your knees bent

2) Reach under of your legs and grasp your shaft slightly behind the head

3) Strech your shaft along the underside of your leg and hold for about 30 seconds to start — Ive worked up to holding it up to 2 minutes.

4) While holding your strech move the leg your shaft is streched against forward and the other leg backwards toward your chest.

Enjoy the strech.



Perhaps nobody has tried this. Oh well, perhaps a ‘Try it and let me know what you think’ is in order.



"Eat Beaver - Save Trees - Simple right?"

I’ll try it tonight.

Becoming.... Godsize

rw, that stretch has been written about here before. It’s sometimes called the UTL (under the leg) or manual BTC stretch. Guys often post something when they first discover it because it works and it’s easy. It’s the core of my stretching routine. I do As and Vs and various other things and then always return to the UTL because I can hold the position for such a long time.

Here are some other threads where it was discussed: here, here, and here.

Yes, it is a hella stretch!!!!! Hits the ligs GOOD. It works good while standing also.

1.25 inches down, 1.75 to go!!!!!! For 8" NBP

Thanks for the input.


"Eat Beaver - Save Trees - Simple right?"

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