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Supra's Slammers question


Supra's Slammers question

Hi every one!

I have been trying to find some stuff on Supra’s Slammers but no luck. With the search thing i type in “Supra’s Slammers” but nothing comes up. I’d really appreciate some guidance, some links etc.

I think you’ll probably find some info on those over at MOS or PE forum.

Hi Beast. Check on the Matters of Size forum: I see a thread on Supra’s Slammers among the top threads on the penis enlargement forum there.

Damn, I’ve been doing that exact thing for a long time…I thought it was ULI or another old vet who started that…I have gotten some serious girth gains, I can get up to 7+ right after and it can take up to several hours to shrink back to 6 1/2…

Originally Posted by Hughjorgan9
Damn, I’ve been doing that exact thing for a long time…I thought it was ULI or another old vet who started that…

Wouldn’t doubt it…

I don’t think Supra is claiming to have invented the Uli or anything, but his “Slammer” is a good combination of old favourites with new ideas thrown in. A short three or four move routine rather than a new exercise. It appears to be working well for some people though :)

A guy named “Ulistretch” invented the Uli, and you can read his description of the exercise here…

Uli’s Routine

I heard that Uli was the guy who came up with the Uli himself and that all other Ulis are really just knock offs.

Thanks for the help everyone

Hm…Supra never claimed to invent the Uli. The Slammers are a routine, a combination of edging, balloning, ulis, dry jelqs and horses. He never took credit for any of these exercises, just combined them into a routine that progressively engorges the penis with more and more blood. The routine is very intense and very effective. The few times I’ve been able to perform it (I have trouble with edging) I get a really amazing pump.

Naming a routine is not taking credit for the exercises the routine includes. Try it, it’s a great routine.

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Noone was stating that Supra claimed he invented it or took credit for it…I just stated that I’ve been doing variations of them for years…I learned it from the old board from Ulistretch…I don’t give a rats ass who invented them, they DO work for massive girth and are not for beginners…they can give you thrombosed veins if not done carefully…

Ok. It just seemed like some were saying that and I just wanted to clear it up because I don’t want any more bad blood between the two forums because they’re both great places to learn about PE.

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I do the supra slammers every time I jelq, I wet jelq for about 100 strokes and then do 2 slammers. Then I jelq for another 100 and then do 2 more slammers. Combined with pumping and Cable Clamp constrictors I have gained .5” girth in the past month and a half

Slammers are really one of my favortie exercises (besides pumping, because it feels so good). On my girth days I do slammers, pumping, and constricting and I have gotten such good results. If you want a good pump to last all day do a few Supra Slammers in the morning and put on a Ring of Power/ Ball Zinger and the pump will last all day! I know some people here have hard feelings about Supra but he really has done a good job putting together a bunch of exercises into a “routine” and you all should look into it.

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I have just finished my Secjay’s mega-master-energy-super-plump ‘n’ tasty-breakfast…. (vegemite on toast and a cup of chocolate milk, of course I didn’t invent the components, but rather the unique combination…) Has anybody here tried the Secjay’s mega-master-energy-super-plump ‘n’ tasty-breakfast before? I invented it you know, because I am a hardcore vet who’s been cookin, oh, what - about 2 weeks now…

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