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Supra's Slammers question

Secjay, Supra does not claim to have invented anything, just the combination. He does not ever attempt to claim ownership of any of the exercises in the slammer routine. Why don’t you give them a shot… I just did them today for the first time and its the best workout I ever had in 8 months of PE. Supra hasn’t shown this forum or you disrepect, so why dont you give him some respect. I’m sick of you guys always trying to start little fights online it is absolutely ridiculous. We are all here to share knowledge and give each other support.

Vegemite, that’s Marmite over here in Limey Land, right? If so, I’ll pass on the Secjay’s mega-master-energy-super-plump ‘n’ tasty-breakfast, however I might add that to most people it looks like a delicious nutritious breakfast.

My breakfast follows the same plan as the rest of my diet, which I invented. I call it the SS4-super-low-carb-ultra-blaster-protein-power diet. I basically just eat chicken, turkey, peanuts, meat, bacon, and stuff like that. I didn’t invent chickens or pigs, but I did steal the combination from Dr Atkins.


Ok whatever keep acting immature about everything. This is so ridiculous.

Ok, then I won’t tell you about my Hobby Horses.

You notice its always the Mod’s trying to insult the MOS contributors.

coincidence or what?

Wow, I’ve only just started adding Hobby Horses to my routine but I can tell you already my dick has never been this pumped before. You have to try it for yourself. Dr. Lyn’s anal breathing technique is incorporated into this all-you-can-pump routine so it must work. If you don’t believe me ask all the others who already have gained from this level 5 routine.

Btw here’s the post that started it all:
hobby - Supra’s Slammers question

What a waste of storage space. Some of you guys need to lay off the vodka and get a life.

Hey, maybe we could try the famous vodka- twister-I don’t give a shit-killer-glans pumper-with a Uli-olive and gin-squeeze routine?

You cruds! Now you got me doing it.

"Don't be like Jackie. There is only one Jackie. Go to school and study computers instead." Jackie Chan

You Guys just LOVE to bash people who help others and give good things to fellow members WHY are you guys and mainly the mods so immature?

Because “they come from a land down under”?

Eating that vegemite shiite would make anyone cranky…then you’re pulling on your dick and not coming. Hell I’m pissed now too.

It's better to think you're doing something than to sit back and wonder what might have been Start: 12/2003 EBPL: 7 15/16 EG: 5 1/4 Now: 12/2004 EBPL: 8 1/2 EG: 5 5/8 (pumped is 5 7/8 mid, 6.25 base) FL: 6.25

I see some of you are missing a sense of humour. That’s a shame, it means you could miss out on a lot that life has to offer.


Hey SS4 and Secjay, can I ask you what you guys have contributed to the PE world to be worth bashing someone else?

Stunna, Red and the other bozo using this Nexos account,

Account sharing isn’t allowed here. Trolling isn’t either. As I’ve said several times before, if you guys dislike Thunder’s so much, stay away.

>Hey SS4 and Secjay, can I ask you what you guys have contributed to the PE world to be worth bashing someone else?<

Huh? Do you know who the fuck I am?

All I see is…

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